Family Friendly Deals: The Costs Of Being A Single Parent

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Being a single parent can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world but it is definitely one of the most challenging. A parent’s jobs never ends, and as a single parent the responsibility of cooking meals, helping with homework, changing and bathing falls on the shoulders of just one person.

When it comes to providing for your family, two incomes obviously generates more money than one. Therefore, single parent households are more likely to feel financial strain. According to research undertaken by PayPlan many companies aren’t doing enough to support single parent families, by offering family friendly deals that cater to two parent families. The table below displays the discrepancy in family friendly deals

family and friendly deals
family and friendly deals

With the summer holidays just around the corner there is going to be much more pressure on parents to entertain the kids, families shouldn’t be financially punished for having a single parent but that’s exactly what’s happening!

Based on this we decided to take a look at what attractions have family friendly deals and other activities families can enjoy over the summer.

Summer Attractions

Just a half hour drive from Liverpool you’ll find Britain’s best zoo as voted by TripAdvisor. Home to over 21,000 animals and a variety of different endangered species spread across 125 acres of beautiful land, Chester Zoo is definitely a must for action packed family fun. The zoo offers family friendly deals for all and not just those who come from two-parent families.

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Tickets start from £20 for adults on selected days and £15.45 for children. However, if planned in advance (7 days in advance) £4 per ticket can be saved. It’s a spontaneous trip and only decided on the day, if booked before 9.30am £2 a ticket can be saved. Expect to pay the full price however if paying on the gate! Children under the age of two go absolutely free too! There are plenty of picnic benches throughout the park, so rather than pay for a lunch that may be a little pricier, be sure to bring a packed lunch for the whole for the whole family to enjoy.

Theme park tickets can be just as scary as the roller-coasters. If buying a ticket on the day at theme park Alton Towers, expect to pay up to £60.  This can be very off-putting and families may opt for cheaper alternatives. However, Alton Towers do offer the chance to gain family friendly deals in the form of vouchers. Kellogg’s promotional packs can cost between £2-4 but include a “free” adult ticket! Definitely as must if wanting to visit the park. These vouchers codes can also be used for entry on the day at other Merlin attractions including, Legoland, Madame Tussauds and Thorpe Park

Free Activities This Summer

Days out in general already cost enough, it’s so disappointing that people have to pay more just because they are a single parent. With one in four families in the UK being a single parent family do these deals seem fair? A third of families with a single parent are living in poverty, so it appears businesses are not doing enough.

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If lucky to have the weather on your side and live close enough, the beach can be the ideal day outing. There are a number of activities that you can do at the Beach; sports, sandcastles, swimming, the list goes on, just be a little creative!

There is also number of Museums and aquariums throughout the UK that offer free entry. Some may ask for a donation towards the running of the business, this optional however and can be as little as you can, making it the perfect family friendly day outing for single parents. So if you’re a single parent, there is no need to feel restricted in the activities that you can do with your kids this summer. There are family friendly deals out there, just take the time to prepare and plan the trips in advance!

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