Fireworks That Are Perfect for Your Child’s Next Birthday

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Children love parties as much as adults do. Only their party preferences are quite different from adults. They love parties with exciting games, tasty food, colourful cartoon character themes, and the freedom to play as much as they can. If you are planning to through the perfect party for your little one’s next birthday, we have the perfect plan for you. Everyone can arrange themed parties, but if you try adding some extra fun with fireworks, it will make the party magical and memorable. Because the fireworks are for a children party, here are a few safe and kid-friendly fireworks options for you.

Indoor Fireworks

Indoor fireworks are back in the market as their safety levels are unmatched. You can easily arrange indoor fireworks such as party poppers, crackers, and firework candles as they are easy to use even for kids. These fireworks are a great option as you can customize the party poppers and crackers with the filling your child likes. it can be crepe paper strings, rose petals, and shiny strings. You can also add tabletop confetti bombs to create a magical effect when it’s time for cutting the cake.


Sparklers are small sticks with a coating of pyrotechnic composition that sparks when you light them. These are hand-held fireworks that can be customized with different colours. It means that when you’ll light them up, they will sparkle in different colours such as yellow, orange, white, blue, green, red, and purple. Children love colours, so this is the best you can do to entertain them at the party. Make sure every child plays with the sparkler under adult supervision as this type of fireworks can burn if you are not careful.

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Lance Work

Lance work also called firework writing is expensive, but not more than how you love your child. You can buy roman candles for the cake and match the number with the fireworks. For example, if your child is turning 7 and the cake has a roman candle with the digit 7, you can get it written on the lance work and inculcate it into the firework show. You can also add wishes such as “Happy Birthday” and more. You can also choose specific colours for the lance work that your child will love.

Chinese Lanterns

Imagine the beauty and fantastic effect it will have when lanterns will start flying from your backyard into the night sky. You can give every child a separate lantern, but make sure you light it up properly and safely before handing it to them. Properly unfold each lantern and light them up. You can also write wishes on it for your child and let them flow in the air.

Fireworks with Music

If you have arranged a complete firework show on your child’s birthday, make sure that it is not a lengthy one. Keep it as short as 5 minutes and hire professionals to arrange everything. You can add a pyro-musical show where the beat will be in perfect harmony with the fireworks.

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