Five Things To Know Before You Start Playing Ludo

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Ludo is a popular board game based upon the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. It is a 2-4 player non-deterministic race game in which the players move the pieces on the board to bring it to the winning location, as per the die rolls. Easy to learn, the classic game of Ludo is fun alike for both children and adults. Playing ludo fills one with a sense of nostalgia, and brings together friends and family to spend quality time together. Moreover, it is also a great stress-buster and allows the mind to relax better.

The popularity of Ludo has brought it to the digital forefront, and you can Ludo download apps online to play it on your mobile handsets anytime and anywhere. The digitization of Ludo has made the game more accessible, and since Ludo is easy to understand, it makes the gaming experience more fun. The digital Ludo game has received a boost in present times, and now more people are playing it online to have fun, combat stress, and keep brain fit and active. The random gameplay of Ludo may not be so random, it strikes a balance between luck and strategy. While the die roll may be based on one’s luck, one needs to maneuver better and move the pieces across the board in a manner that will keep it safe and make it to the winning location. Hence, winning the game of Ludo requires both patience and strategy. The benefit of playing Ludo online is that it allows you to choose from a variety of opponents, and connect with anyone across the world who can have an access to the given Ludo app.

Playing Ludo keeps your brain engaged, and helps you improve your brain function because of which the chances of suffering from cognitive disorders go down. Hence, Ludo helps to regulate stress, and the release of endorphins helps to regulate blood flow and pressure. Ludo games allow the players to think creatively and also create opportunities to connect and open up. It helps to strengthen relationships and learn various qualities like teamwork, and effective coordination. Hence, this fun board game brings various benefits to the players. With an online ludo game, one can easily access and unlock these opportunities and have great fun. Before you start playing ludo online, you need to learn the basics to ensure that you are playing it right. Here are few important things you should know about Ludo.

The Equipment

Whether you are playing digitally or offline, you need to learn about the basics of ludo. The equipment consists of a ludo board, ludo coins/tokens, and the die. The board is the court of Ludo with four square-shaped pockets. Each player gets one of the pockets in which they place four ludo coins of the same color. The entire track on the ludo board has 52 small steps including four home stops or 4 safe stops. Four rectangular home runs act as the finishing step. The ludo coins are typical of four colors, green, blue, red, and yellow.  There are 16 coins in total, four for each player. The player needs to roll a die, which is a cube with six sides. Each side displays a different number which ranges from one to six. The throw of the dice governs the movement of the pieces.


Two to four players need to place their respective ludo coins in their allotted bases. Each player will take their turn at throwing the die, and the outcome of the die will determine their move. The players need to move the pieces in a clockwise direction and get it into the home place.

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Dice will be rolled on players turn. If they get six dots on rolling the dice, they will release one of their coins and roll the dice again. If they get another 6, they can release another coin or move the first one. A third six will however cancel all the turns. In case they do not get a six, they need to pass the turn to other players. The same rule applies to each player. Only once the coin is out of the home pocket, they can utilize other dice numbers.

Landing On a Shared Square

If a player’s piece lands on that of the opponents, the opponent’s piece will go back to their base. They need to roll a six on the die again and bring it to the starting square to move it around the track. If a player lands their piece on the square occupied by one of their pieces, they block the space which the opponent’s piece can pass or land.

Winning the Game

The player needs to move all of their pieces into the home column to win. Landing the piece into the home triangle implied that the piece has completed its journey.

To Conclude: These are a few important things you should know about playing Ludo, and these exact rules apply to the online game. The throw of the die is random and unbiased even in the digital form, and hence each player has a fair chance of winning the game.

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