Fix the error of the Epson printer

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Epson is a famous printer and imaging device manufacturing company. These devices are very reliable and provide good services. But like other hardware devices, while using the Epson printer; some users face some errors. Your Epson printer can show various errors while working. Printer errors mainly occur when you make some invalid changes or some printer parts are not working correctly. 

Epson printer is not available

The not available error on your printer device appears due to connection issues. The printer shows connection-related errors if the USB cable is not working. Remove the cable from the Epson printer and not check for any damage on the ends. Always use a good cable for printer connection. Use the cable for connecting different devices. When your cable is not connecting any device; need a new cable. While punching a new cable; get a high speed one. The printer won’t work on a low-speed USB cable. For a wireless connection, the user has to check the router. Restart the WPS pin and now check the error. If your printer is still not connecting then try to connect the printer with another network. If the user is facing the error due to wrong settings then set it to the default and again configure the printer to your network.

Epson error code l565 0xf1

The printer shows Epson l565 0xf1 when the driver is showing an error. The printer driver is used for communicating. When the driver is not working; you will get the error code on the screen. The printer can show driver-related errors due to missing files or outdated setup. Firstly, open the Epson printer driver and select the Update option. The setup will start searching for a new update. When your driver setup is updated and showing errors then run the driver repair tool. It will fix all the drivers on the computer. After updating your driver, go to the printer and check the error. In case the repair tool is unable to fix the error then reinstall the Epson printer driver on the computer.

Epson printer running slowly

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Your Epson printer is known for good speed. But when you see the speed-related error; check the printhead. If the printhead seems jammed; clean the printhead so it can move correctly. The speed of the printer will decrease if you are printing wirelessly. For good printer speed, go for high-speed cable. For an old printer, getting speed issues is common. If you want to take printouts at a good speed then get a new Epson printer. While taking simple black and white printouts; you can switch to Low mode. Go to the printer and set the printing mode to Low. The quality of the printout will decrease but speed will increase. The ink usage in Low mode is also less. Use can take lots of printouts at a good speed and low ink. Whenever you require colorful and bright printouts; change the mode to Normal or High.

Paper Jam

Your Epson printer shows the paper jam error when the paper is stuck inside your printer rollers. The roller sometimes draws multiple pages and then gets into a jam. In DPMs, you get the error when the pages are not aligned. Once you get the paper jam; all pages will get stuck. Pause your Epson printer and now take out the junk. Restart your device after cleaning and now you can take your printouts.

No Cartridge

The printer shows no cartridge error when the user has removed the cartridge or the printer is unable to recognize it. Close your printer and check for the cartridge. If the cartridge is not available then insert it. When you have installed the cartridge but still getting errors then remove it. Now check the pins of your cartridge. If you see any plastic covering; remove it. Make sure the pins are not damaged. Reinstall the cartridge on the Epson printer correctly. Epson printers can show cartridge errors when the user is installing a clone cartridge. Some of the Epson models don’t allow clone cartridges. Use the original cartridge and check for errors. 

Faded/Blank Printer

You can get the faded or blank printouts when the ink is very low. Check the ink level; if low then refill it. Third-party cartridges or cheap ink can also show print quality-related errors. Use good quality ink and pages for better printouts.

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