Foods You Can Only Find In India

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India has the vast variety of food, some are incredibly spicy, some sweet like sugar syrup, some crisp and crunchy while some hugely soft, but the connecting thread of all these dishes is that all of them are mouth – watering delicious.

People come from far and wide just to have a taste of Indian food and often compliment it comparing it as tasting a piece of heaven on earth.

If you are also traveling to India and wish to try some of the foods which you can only find in India, then you have arrived at the right place as here we have filtered out the best of food items, which you can not miss!

1. Chole Bhature                          

If you ever have been to India or have known any Indian, then chole bhature would be one thing that you would not be unfamiliar with. Though loved and relished by all, Chole bhature is a Punjabi style delicacy, boasting of lots of ghee, calories and a blend of many spices.

All those calorie conscious people, we know fitness comes first for you, but not enjoying a meal of chole bhature when in India, is totally not done.

Moreover, you need not to worry about traveling a lot to find this dish because almost every nook and corner of Northern India houses a shop serving chole bhature.

But obviously, there are some specific shops which specialize in the dish and hence are worth traveling for.

2. Panipuri

Known by many other names throughout India, like golgappe, etc., they come in small round shape sizes which one can pop perfectly in their mouth.

Crunchy and crisp on the outside, they are served by stuffing a mixture of potatoes, chickpeas, and onion. Then they are dipped and filled with spiced tamarind water or sweet water and are happily munched.

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Over the time’s many modifications have arrived in the market in this dish and now at some places, alcoholic golgappas are also served in which the spiced tamarind water is replaced with some hard drink.

The regular kinds of golgappas can be found almost everywhere in the country, even at the local, roadside vendors but for the alcoholic ones you need to search a bit. You can choose 10 days tour to India to experience Indian culture and try famous food.

3. Onion Kachori

Indians love their food a lot. Hence when in India you should leave your calorie conscious self at home and just relish the wonderful delicacies.

The specialty of Northern India, Pyaazki kachori is something which you can find at almost all of the markets. It is even served for breakfast or as a midday or evening snack in many Indian households.

This food item is actually deep fried and has a stuffing of potatoes, onions and a lot of spiced as well as masala. Served with a spicy mint chutney, it is in every way a street food that one can truly die for.

4. Dhokla

The name dhokla is a bit weird and different but trusts us; its taste is loved and craved by almost everyone.

Unlike many other Indian dishes, dhokla is not much oily and spicy as it is made from a batter formed by mixing chickpea and fermented rice. Though it is served with a spicy mint chutney which can be left out if you are not comfortable eating spicy food because the taste of dhokla alone is heavenly.

It is available throughout the country but for the best kind of dhokla you need to head to where the dish originated – Gujarat.

These were some of the foods which you can only find in India, so try them surely when you plan a tour to India.

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