Fun and Memorable Activities for Aging Adults Over 65

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Did you know that 54.1 million Americans are over age 65?

The current senior population is larger and more active than ever. Gone are the days of listless seniors cooped up at home or in assisted living with nothing to do. Today’s aging adults are healthy, on-the-go, and looking for opportunities to have fun.

Here are a few ideas on how to make great memories as senior citizens.

A classic Game of Bingo

Are your aging parents too hip for bingo?

Sure, the classic game is the cliche of senior activities, but people of a certain age shouldn’t cross it off their calendars just yet.

Bingo is an all-encompassing pastime, combining socialization, fine motor skills, and brain function all in the name of fun. In fact, studies show that bingo has a positive affect on seniors’ cognitive brain function if played regularly. Even the most evolved people in this age group can gain something positive from a weekly game of bingo.

A Sunset Cruise

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset?

If your elderly loved one doesn’t mind an evening at sea, a dinner cruise with a sunset view is a treasure trove of memories waiting to happen.

Here’s how to make the best of a sunset cruise

  • Find a local cruise company offering senior discounts,
  • Book an evening trip for a few close friends or loved ones,
  • Bring an appetite and a camera onboard

A sunset cruise is also an elegant venue for a milestone birthday celebration.

Breakfast With Friends

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Is the senior in your life a morning person?

Many older people are early risers, either out of habit or due to medical issues.

For early risers over 65, breakfast with friends makes more sense than a social dinner.

Some of the best senior breakfast ideas involve sharing a meal or refreshments with dear friends.

They include:

  • Weekly group gatherings at a favorite local diner,
  • Taking turns hosting a back porch breakfast,
  • And daily coffee dates at a chain like McDonalds.

Not only do communal breakfast dates encourage aging folks to eat a more balanced diet, but they decrease instances of isolation.

Pool Party for Aging Adults

Pool parties are synonymous with kids and teenagers. Why not start the trend of pool parties for seniors?

People over age 65 have so much to gain from being in the water, including better physical health and a more positive self-image. A recent study concluded that aging adults who participated in aquatic exercise were less prone to falling. Their muscular strength improved, as did their bone density in some cases.

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Time for Fun

There’s no time like the present to ensure that the aging adults in your life are having a good time and making memories. Life doesn’t end at 65, and it’s up to you to remind them of this.

Are you up for the task?

For more ideas on ways to support your parents and other family members, come back to our site regularly. We are in the business of teaching you how to live your best life.

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