Gboard’s Interesting Features | Google Keyboard App

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Google’s Android keyboard now goes by the moniker GBoard. Major modifications were made to numerous program elements, beginning with its functionality and look. GBoard is one of the most feature-rich Android keyboard apps available right now.

Gboard’s Interesting Features | Google Keyboard App

The GBoard app is also available for iOS users, supporting iPhone and iPad devices. Overall, the design and functions of the GBoard are identical to those of the Android version.

You may upgrade the GBoard via Google Play or the App Store to get the most recent features.

Those running the Android operating system may be familiar with GBoard since it is typically the default keyboard. On the other hand, this virtual Keyboard includes functions that you may not know.

Here are some fascinating features of the GBoard that you may not be aware of.

Use the Keyboard to do a Google search.

Those of you who use GBoard as a digital board for typing will notice a Google symbol button in the upper left corner of the Keyboard. To search, hit the button, and the Google search field will display above the Keyboard.

You may find everything you need by using this search field. For example, the name of a location, hotel, restaurant, firm, music, weather, news, and various other things. All searches you conduct will be shown on the Keyboard.

Press the ‘Share’ or ‘Share’ button beneath the card, and the link from the search results will be added to the conversation.

The Trackpad Mode

Text selection is a typical issue when typing on a smartphone, and we can’t always accurately control the cursor when modifying a word. However, there are features on the board that make this simple.

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Swiping left or right on the space bar will move the pointer.

It is also simple to erase many words at once. Previously, we had to touch the backspace button several times to erase each word.

Hit the backspace button and swipe left or right; the desired text is removed when your finger is lifted.

Keyboard Translation of Word

Google Translate has been integrated into GBoard to make things easier for users. Words and phrases can be translated between two languages, and it will be easier for us to communicate this way.

Hit the G icon and then pick the Google Translate icon to translate a word or sentence. Then, in the menu above the column, select the language you wish to translate, for example, from English to Language.

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Quick Access to Other Keyboards

When entering punctuation marks such as exclamation marks, question marks, and other punctuation marks, you must generally transition from the numeric Keyboard to the access keys. However, there is an additional button to accomplish that on the GBoard.

To access other keyboards with punctuation and percent + “-: ‘@; / () #!,? All you have to do is tap and hold the dot button at the bottom of the Keyboard. This strategy will allow you to type more quickly.

Emojis and GIFs

GBoard also includes some intriguing capabilities, such as searching for large-sized GIFs and emoji pictures. It used to transmit hilarious GIF images, but you had to save them in a gallery first. There’s no need; to search through GBoard, search, choose, and send.

You can build emojis with your photographs in the GIF sending feature; this new GBoard feature may be accessed by installing the Bitmoji program. On the most recent GBoard, you may search for GIFs by tapping the G symbol, selecting the GIF icon, and exploring in the column offered. The GIF function is available in all chat programs.

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