Get To Know About The Different Types Of Tents Available

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Tents come in many types, kinds, brands and sizes and are available in a very wide choice of colors, materials and designs which are generally used outdoors for camping, or emergency shelters for the displaced and sometimes for temporary storage of various items so that is the reason to Get To Know About The Different Types Of Tents Available.

The varieties of tents that are available are quite impressive with a type or kind for any application and they are called appropriately so too as:

Basic ridge tent

This is the basic tent design with two poles well-grounded on either side, which are attached together at the top by a ridge pole with the tent material draped over it and the four edges pegged down to the ground. It is easy to put up but with constrains of height inside, which would hinder standing but sleeping would not be a problem.  You can also find many different sub-variations in them, which are designed specifically for the purpose, such as a printed pop up tent.

Get To Know About The Different Types Of Tents Available

Dome tent

Dome tent is well know for camping. A center pole is well grounded and two or more flexible poles crisscross at the top of the pole right down the sides to form an “X” shape, with the tent material draped from the top. Here there is more head room compared to the above but stability when larger could be an issue unless made from very sturdy materials.

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Geodesic and Semi-geodesic tents

Geodesic is the shortest distance between two points and in the case of this type of tent, the design is very sturdy in very windy conditions. Flexible poles crisscross at the top to form a sturdy frame over which the tent material is draped and it is generally a one or two man tent.

Instant or Quick-pitch tent

A strong coiled spring in stitched into the tent fabric and when you open it the spring extends and the tent comes into place very quickly. It does not need any sort of installing and when you need to take it away just twist the spring and turns into a circular fabric with the spring within.

Inflatable tents

Switch on the supplied compressor and it would inflate the tent and then just peg the corners it is just that simple but could be quite expensive, as you need to pay for the compressor too.

Khyam tents

The most popular of all tents because of its simplicity in design and easy installation, the skeleton is embedded into the fabric and folded by elbow joints that could be bent to collapse onto one side. Straighten the elbow joints and the fabric too falls into place and from the outside peg the joints to the ground using the available cords, it is just that simple. The above are some of the better designed tents and apart from them you could select a wide variety of others like the # Tunnel tents, # vis-à-vis tents, # Pod living tents, # Pod living tents, # Frame tents, # Tepee style tents, and # Trailer tents.  There is now a tent for any application so finding what you need to suit your requirements would not be a very difficult exercise.

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