Handmade Carpets A Story Of Excellent Design Fascinating Colours And Quality

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Today we are going throw lights on Handmade Carpets A Story Of Excellent Design Fascinating Colours And Quality. Hand-made rug is made with a lot of attention, detail, passion and creativity. It narrates a unique story by a skilled artisan to give a beautiful look that lasts for long. These rugs are an epitome of fine workmanship and artistry that one can’t find in machine-made rugs.

Rugs play an important role in home décor. They are not just used to cover floors, but also to amplify the décor and ambience of any space. Since past many decades, rugs have been considered as an artistic piece of work, especially handmade carpets that require a lot of effort, skills and time. Handmade rugs and carpets have an ability to transform home interiors into a royal abode. The rare technique of weaving is the major factor behind excellent designs, fascinating shades and quality of handmade carpets. Each hand woven carpet involves quality workmanship, time, natural materials and intense technique, unlike machine made carpets for home. With best value for money, enhanced lifespan and luxurious feel, hand-woven rugs are preferred all across the world. Be it traditional, transitional or contemporary, every hand-made carpet tells a unique story that eventually gives a brand new statement to one’s space.

Machine Made Rugs

Unlike machine-made rugs, handmade rugs are made by skilled weavers and artisans who have years of experience with them. With their fine craftsmanship and skills, they create a unique story of craft and design that attract us in many ways and amplify our home décor to manifolds. The skills that they have inherited from their ancestors can, therefore, be seen in the work, designs and story that they give to each carpet. This is how every hand-made carpet becomes a piece of art and unique story of excellence and craft.

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Another interesting feature of handmade rugs and carpets is that they tell us their unique origin and cultural background through the kind of designs and constructional methods used in the making. They are finely designed by a weaver or a family of artisans and showcase a distinctive story and rich cultural heritage unlike machine made carpets. With the exhibition of profound workmanship even the minor imperfections don’t matter as the quality is incredible, and one is getting an artistic work right from the hands of an experienced weaver.

Moreover, hand-made rugs are created with the finest materials that are hard to find in machine made rugs. Weavers usually make use of premium natural silk and wool to create high quality rug on special looms. The entire process of making a rug, thus, takes several months. This is why the life span, quality of stitches, textures and durability of hand-made carpets are unmatchable.

But while buying carpets online in India, one needs to be very careful to differentiate between machine made and hand-made rug. The easiest way to differentiate is to look at the back of the carpet. The back of hand-made rug is always uneven and you can easily see the knots, whereas machine made rugs are uniform with no knots. Also, you can find fringe in the weave of hand-made carpets, whereas it is manually sewn in the machine-made carpets in order to give it a finished look.

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