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Looking for a skilled and professional WordPress developer? This can be tough because there are thousands of developers in the industry advertising their skills &experience on freelance platforms.

The trouble with these platforms is that they don’t follow a process to assess and qualify their members. A majority of the members do not possess adequate skills and know-how to deliver a WordPress project successfully and as a result they earn bad reviews and ratings and fall in the lower rung of ratings.

No doubt there are qualified and experienced members too, but firstly they are way too expensive and secondly, they are mostly busy in other long-term projects. In short not available to you.

Hiring freelancers has other drawbacks too such as:

  • Lack of commitment to complete a project on time. This happens when they pick up another project that is more paying and devote more time to it, than doing your project.
  • Non availability after project completion. This leaves you in the lurch to find another developer to take care of bugs that appear after a few days as well as to provide ongoing support and maintenance of your website.
  • Direct communication with the freelancer becomes a challenge the platform usually restricts or discourages direct calling or emailing.
  • No agreement or paperwork makes it difficult to enforce rights and obligations
  • Working in different time-zones is also a challenge.

From the above it is clear that working with freelancers is not a good option. Rather, it makes sense to evaluate options of working with a reliable software development company. 

Looking to get serious WordPress development work done?

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If you are looking to hire WordPress developer, then TechIndia Software is a natural choice. Why?

TechIndiaSoftware is India’s leading web and mobile app development company. Their team comprises experienced WordPress developers who have several years of experience in developing simple and complex websites. At the time of interview, each developer is prescreened by Techindia Software’s HR team and the developer is hired only if he or she has a rich portfolio of projects to showcase, and their work has been evaluated by another senior developer.

What value doesTechIndia Software bring in?

TechIndia Software has a wide pool of experienced full stack WordPress developers who are available for hire on short-term or long-term projects, at reasonable rates and under flexible models of engagement. They can be assigned to your project on an immediate basis as soon as paperwork is signed off. Their biggest value-add is their ability to ramp up and quickly understand the status of your project and what needs to be done. This shortens the learning curve and ensures that your website goes live quickly. Further they ask you the right questions and are quick to take instructions and get the job done to your 100% satisfaction.

What do I need to do to get started?

You simple need to fill the contact form on the TechIndia website at https://www.techindiasoftware.com/hire-wordpress-developer.html and an expert from their team will contact you shortly afterwards to understand your needs and address your questions. Work commences quickly once paperwork is signed off and commercial terms agree upon.

Will TechIndia Software also optimize my website?

Yes, TechIndia Software not only builds your website in WordPress, but also deploys best-of-breed SEO strategies to optimize it and improve its visibility in search engine rankings. More details can be viewed here https://www.techindiasoftware.com/seo-services-india.html

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