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Honor Your Loved One: A Guide to Cremation Jewelry


One of the most prominent monuments in the United States is the Lincoln Memorial. Erected in 1868, it honored the memory of America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln. 

Public memorials often mark events of significant loss. They provide a place where communities can remember loved ones. They often help to acknowledge collective trauma and move toward acceptance.

The same is true for personal loss. More people are finding solace in having items that keep loved ones who have passed away close. Cremation jewelry, especially pendants, allows you to keep them near to your heart.

Studies show these tokens can also help people as they navigate the grieving process. It may for you too. Read on to learn more.

What is Cremation Jewelry?

Everyone deals with death in different ways. Some place flowers at a graveside. Others keep urns with their loved ones’ remains. 

Cremation jewelry is another alternative that keeps your loved ones even closer. It’s been in existence since the 16th Century and was first referred to as mourning jewelry.

They have interior compartments where you can place cremation ashes. However, ashes aren’t always used.

You can also place other memorial tokens. Despite the limited space, these can include dried flowers from the service, or a lock of hair.

Types of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is customizable and you can choose from a variety of options. These include:

  • Cremation necklaces
  • Cremation pendants
  • Cremation bracelets
  • Cremation rings
  • Cremation keychains
  • Jewelry display cases

There is also cremation ash jewelry. This infuses your loved ones’ ashes into the jewelry during the crafting process.

For many, regardless of the piece chosen, it allows them to honor the memory of their loved one. It can also provide comfort while coming to terms with death. These are two of the many benefits of cremation jewelry. 

However, some people may not be comfortable honoring the dead in this manner. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider urns from Memorials.com.

It can provide a more traditional way of remembering a loved one. You can choose to keep it in your home or spread the ashes in a place of significance.


How to Fill Cremation Jewelry

The process of filling cremation jewelry is straightforward. You can also use it as another opportunity to remember your loved one by having family around as you do it.

First, you’ll need a flat surface area that’s free from clutter. Then follow the steps below:

Find the Opening

There are usually two types of openings. The screw top requires slight pressure but with a few turns, you can open it with your hand. 

The second type of opening is a little more complicated. It will require an appropriate-sized screwdriver or wrench.

Fill the Pendant

Secure the screw and lay the pendant down with the opening on top. Ensure it’s stable and then use the scoop utensil to transfer the ashes into the opening.

You can also use a funnel to avoid spilling the ashes. Then use the point of the precision utensil to pack the ashes into the pendant. 

Close and String the Pendant 

Clear away any excess ashes and put the screw back into the opening and tighten it. You can have it permanently sealed by placing glue over the screw. Then carefully string the pendant onto the necklace.

A Dignified Goodbye

Lossing a loved one is always difficult. It takes a long time for most people to go through the grieving process. Even after years, the loss can still feel significant.

Finding a way to move on without the person can help. Often this involves surrounding yourself with memories of them.

Cremation jewelry is one way of doing this. It allows you to carry your loved one with you.

If you thought this article was informative there are others in our Life & Style section that can help you as you cope with your loss.


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