How Cheap Data Backup Solutions Can Fail Your Businesses?

How Cheap Data Backup Solutions Can Fail Your Businesses?
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Disasters are usually sudden- they can happen at any moment and at any spot. And it is the pre-planing that saves us from it. Businesses have to pay expensive costs for having an inapt backup plan and strategy. Losing data is one of the hardest things businesses have to face. Consider loosing an important assignment that you have been working on for a week- that can be terrible. With businesses, it is about losing documents that a team must be working on for years. Yes, it is misfortunate for businesses to face such a situation. But, if you are prepared for it, you will save yourself from this trouble.

It is, therefore, very crucial to install reliable and authentic data backup solutions. You may find many IT support services in London, but is it is on you to hire the best professionals and solutions for the benefit of your business. If you don’t, you will be responsible for biting the bullets. Some of the causes of a fragile and weak data backup solutions are:

1- Malware and Cyber-Attacks:

Cyber-attacks are the most dominant culprits of data loss. Cheap data backup solutions make businesses prone to cyber-attacks. You can help yourself by installing anti-virus solutions but, for high protection, they require an upgrade but, mostly small and medium businesses do not focus on it. One another aspect is that spending lots on preventing cyber-attacks do not completely guarantee culminating cyber-attacks. A licenced backup gives advance features and options to make it more deterring against cyberattacks. But, it is a fact that a cheap solution will increase the vulnerability of sensitive data of a business, providing weak defence against any attacks and malware.

2- They Do Not Back Up Files At All:

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To say, cheap backup solutions store the data when you back up, but really they do not. The files that you back up are synced on a separate platform, forming a replica of the document. The unfortunate thing with this synchronization is that this replica vanishes when the real file deletes. It means that if you delete a document by mistake or lose it due to a cyber attack, you may have to lose its replica as well. It, therefore, makes no sense of backing up the files when you have to lose them in the end.

3- Lack Of Programmatic Restoration Testing:

Most cheap data backup solutions do not provide programmatic restoration testing. It is an automatic testing system to check if the backup data can be restored or not. Testing validates that the data is taken, restored, and backed up completely without any alteration. Testing backups with cheap solutions require human-supervised testing and working safely. It, therefore, takes a lot of time and effort.

4- Inefficiency in Backing Up:

With cheap backup solutions, businesses will have to upload all the files to the internet. The amount of data a small business produces is enormous and heavy. It makes it difficult to upload the data with a low uploading speed. Let’s say, if a company stores 3 TB of data, it will require three days to upload it at a normal internet speed. The same goes for downloading when restoring the data. Therefore, with a cheap back up solution, the businesses become unable to back up their data efficiently.

So, for any business, their data is what makes them run in the race. Losing sensitive documents is directly related to losing the position and worth. Businesses must take data security seriously and make robust backup plans.

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