How Do Professional Movers Handle Hot Tub Moving?

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Are you planning to relocate and leave your expensive hot tub behind? Think again. It is not wrong to say that moving a hot tub is a difficult and taxing task. It takes a lot of planning and strategizing to make it loaded, unloaded, and disassembled safely to a new location. Many people sell or leave their hot tubs behind since it’s such a hassle. But I am here to solve all your hot tub moving concerns.

Usually, hot tubs weigh around 900 pounds that are difficult to move. Yes, even your strongest friends equipped with furniture dollies will not be able to move your hot tub. This is because they lack the expertise and knowledge that Raleigh movers have.

So, the best way to answer ‘how to move a hot tub‘, is to opt for professional moving companies. They are competent, reliable, experienced in hot tub moving. Not to mention that they have advanced hoisting equipment, straps, and knowledge and experience regarding this complicated procedure.

Want to know more about how professional moving companies deal with safe hot tub moving? Read on.

Ways in Which Movers Handle the Hot Tub Moving

Efficient Usage of Moving Supplies

Popular movers Raleigh NC area brings many moving supplies to relocate your hot tub safely. Without these supplies, there is a chance that your hot tub will remain unloaded. Since this item is bulky and usually weighs around 900 pounds or more, expert movers bring moving straps, forklifts, crane furniture dollies, several large plywood pieces, etc for smooth move. These are the common supplies used by popular moving companies for the safe loading and unloading of the hot tub.

Follows Local Guidelines

When you hire any of the best Raleigh movers you don’t have to explain the local rules and regulations to them. The team is aware of the protocols that they need to adhere to while moving your hot tub safely to the destination. This is why avoiding DIYs is the best way to relocate. You might violate local codes that will result in too many complications during the move. And don’t forget the health hazards that you might cause due to DIYs. Contrary, movers know the safety measures. So you can relax and be stress-free! Your movers will make the move smooth and easy!

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Disconnecting and Draining the Tub

First, the movers will disconnect the tub and put away all electrical cords. They will bag all the cords in waterproof packets so that no damage occurs to them during the move.

After disconnection, the draining procedure occurs. If you think that draining is easy, think again! In case you try to do it yourself, chances are your yard will flood with water. Not to mention you will be breaking local codes too. It is best if your professional mover deals with it. They will follow the manufacturer’s instructions to drain the tub. Usually, the team of movers drains the hot tub near the closest water outlet like a street gutter. This way, no flooding takes place. Also, none of your neighbors will get upset!

Route Planning

Since the item is bulky, your movers will map a planning route. They will decide how to move the tub safely without any complications. So, cooperate with them during this process. They might ask you to open your back doors too if the entrance is narrow. They will plan ahead of time so that once the tub gets lifted, the loading gets done quickly into the rental truck.

Keep a Moving Truck Ready

Once the hot tub gets lifted by the movers, they will move quickly. It is important to keep the entrance and exit doors of your residential or commercial spaces empty. Do not crowd the area as it may result in unnecessary complications. This bulky item will get lifted and carried carefully to a moving truck. Do not worry. If you pick any experienced Raleigh moving company, they will survey before making the final move. Within this survey, they will size the hot tub. According to the size of the tub, the size of the rental truck will get decided. You can hire movers to unload and disassemble your hot tub too. In this case, a different team will get allotted to your new destination. They will take care of settling your hot tub in your new abode!


These are a few ways that moving companies apply to relocate your hot tub. Instead of selling or giving away your tub, hire the services of experienced movers, who can relocate your item safely. Looking for local movers to move your hot tub? Among others, College Dudes Help U Move is a popular mover. When you have hired professional help, you can sit back and relax. Your tub will get settled safely in your new home!

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