How Do X Rays Help in Diagnosis?

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X-Ray examination is the process of taking an image of the internal organs of the human body to diagnose a problem. Special equipment is used to take an x-ray image. This machine works by emitting small ionized radiation. The radiation passes through the human body and is captured on another device that produces output as an image.

Since x-ray radiations are harmful to the human body, hence only a small part of it is used on a specific area of the body to examine the organs. Generally, the dose of radiation is equal to what we receive from the environment every week.

X-ray tests are taken by qualified healthcare professionals known as radiographers and or radiologists. A radiographer conducts the x-ray examination and is an expert in creating quality images of the body keep the safety of the patient a priority. Whereas a radiologist is a specialist who is trained in interpreting the x-ray images to diagnose a problem. Before we get into how x rays help in the diagnosis of a patient, let’s first understand how x rays work.

X rays work when the machine throws ionized radiation across the human body. This goes onto a special film sheet and the image of the human internal organs is formed. Modern-day x-ray machines are capable of producing an electronic image that is created by capturing transmitted x rays. X-rays are usually taken to check the condition of bones and or lungs etc. Since bones have calcium inside, so they block the passage of the radiation and are shown as white or grey. Whereas hollow spaces like lungs are shown black in an x-ray image.

Diagnosis Through X rays

X-rays are used to diagnose internal parts of the body. There are several uses of x-ray which are listed below:

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Bones and Infections

X-rays are used to diagnose infection in the lungs and or bone fractures. Since bones, lungs, and teeth can be seen through an x-ray. X-rays can also help diagnose arthritis and reveal the condition of joints. Dentists also use x rays to check infections in teeth and or determine the presence of cavities. X rays are used in treatment for lower back pain because they help determine the condition of bones and their arrangement. X-rays can also help reveal tumors in bones for the diagnosis of bone cancer.


Chest related infections like asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, and tuberculosis require x rays for a complete diagnosis. Moreover, x rays are also used to diagnose breast cancer. Mammographic tests are a special type of x-ray that helps examine breast tissues. Heart size can also be determined using an x-ray.


Abdominal issues like digestive tract problems can be determined through an x-ray. If a child mistakenly swallows something like a coin or toy etc. it can be seen through an x-ray. In many cases, x rays are have also proved to be helpful where doctors mistakenly leave surgical tools inside of a patient.

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