How Herbs to Prevent Diabetes Help To Reduce Your Blood Sugar

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Some herbs for diabetes can effectively improve this common disease together with drug medication. Treating diabetes with natural herbs can be quite complicated because more than one healing aspect are involved. Therefore, you need to take a few types of Herbs to Prevent Diabetes and Ganoderma Lucidum is one of them. Diabetes happens when blood sugar level constantly stays at a higher level. This disease can lead to many other diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, food ulcer and even impotence.

Conventional treatment for diabetes uses drug medications to suppress sugar level. Before taking any herbs to reverse diabetes, you too must begin your treatment with medication. It helps to quickly reduce sugar level and maintain it. However, medication doesn’t cure it. It only controls this disease and prevent other associated health problems.

There are 2 groups of medication.

The first type forces the already weakened pancreas to produce more insulin hormone to reduce sugar level. The second type suppresses the absorption of sugar in intestines, thus maintaining sugar level in the blood.

However, long term consumption of diabetes medication causes two main side effects. One is the hardening of blood vessels, causing stroke and heart disease. The other side effect is the interference with fats metabolism, causing a patient to become fatter.

As you might have seen, some diabetes patients under long term medication are still affected with kidney failure and stroke. The recommended treatment for diabetes is to combine western medication with herbs for diabetes prescribed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM looks at diabetes from a different view. It regards diabetes as a disease of too much heat in the body. TCM divides it into 3 groups, namely:

Upper part (lung) heat

Middle part (stomach) heat

Lower part (kidney) heat

With these healing principles, the first recommended herbs for diabetes are Five Leaves Ginseng herb (Rhinacanthus Nasutus) and White Crane Lingzhi herb (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum). These herbal plants effectively reduce body heat of the upper, middle and lower part. Both can help to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol too.

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The second herb is Cordyceps Sinensis. This precious fungus is proven to improve kidney energy. It was used since ancient times by the Chinese to improve weak body constitution.

The third supplement for diabetes is bee Royal Jelly. This natural supplement has the highest content of natural hormones. It helps to increase “yin” energy of the body. In TCM, “yin” is associated with body fluid such as blood, hormones, saliva, eye tear and joints fluid. Therefore, taking Royal Jelly helps to naturally increase the insulin hormone produced by pancreas. Buy Ivermectin online to treat or prevent parasites in animals.

The fourth herb is Ganoderma Lucidum. This herb helps to boost body energy for the fourth healing requirement. That’s why Ganoderma Lucidum is one of the important herbs for diabetes.

Although Ganoderma Lucidum alone is not enough, it does help to improve a diabetes patient’s blood circulation and increase their immune system. This prevents the disease from worsening.

Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus marsupium):

Like Gymnema Sylvestre, this is a traditional herb used in India to help rejuvenate the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. One group of researchers investigating diabetic rats compared Pterocarpus’ observed effects on blood glucose levels to those of metformin, a drug familiar to many diabetics.

Stevia (Sweet Herb):

Stevia is a non-caloric herb, native to Paraguay, which has been used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for centuries. Clinical research suggests that stevioside, a constituent of Stevia, might reduce postprandial glucose levels by 18% in people with Type II diabetes.


Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Asian Indian cookery and is an ingredient in curry powder. Ground from dried curcumin, a rhizome of the ginger family, turmeric is not peppery and rather mild tasting.

May decrease blood sugar levels (and cholesterol). The apparent blocking of enzymes that convert dietary carbohydrates into glucose may be involved in this lowing of blood sugar.

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