How Is Beer Made Exactly? The Process Explained

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Are you among the 42% of American adults who drink beer? If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making this believed frothy beverage, you’ve come to the right place.

For starters, did you know there are over 100 types of beer, or that 73 of them are ales? You may find yourself wondering, “How is beer made?” Well, we’ve got the answers for you.

Get ready to sit back and enjoy a cold one after you check out this guide for how to make beer below.

Mash It Up

The first step is mashing which you do within a container known as the mash tun. The grains used to make beer get placed in this tun with hot water to soak.

During the soaking process, the grains will begin to release sugars that will eventually consume the yeast used during the fermentation phase. Remember this part because it’s how we get the beer; without it not going to be making beer.


During this step in the beer-making process, the grains are again rinsed with hot water as the sugar gets extracted. After they’ve been rinsed the grains are then separated from the water and we move into the lautering phase.

If you want to make beer like the pros, you’ll do this in different vessels but it’s also okay to do everything in one single tub. 

Boil the Wert (Wort)

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The next step is to boil the wort otherwise known as kettle boiling. The wort is boiled to kill bacteria that have presented themselves in the liquid.

Most boils will only last upwards of an hour and you should take this time to add hops to your mixture.

When you add hops because the water has been brought to boiling temperatures it will begin to release all the flavor goodness you’re dying to taste. Depending on the taste you’re going for, you could add the hops either at the beginning or the end of the brewing process.

Cool Your Wort

Once the boiling process is done you then cool the mixture. You’ll need to add the yeast to the mixture after it’s cooled, so you don’t kill it.

After you’ve added the yeast it’s time to start the fermentation process. This is when the yeast will feast on the sugar and turn them into beer for you to consume.

Overall, it will take anywhere from one to two weeks to ferment, and then comes the carbonation process. Carbonation is what adds the aeration you’re looking for when you drink beer.

If you don’t want to make your own beer you can always check out these beers

How Is Beer Made?

How is beer made? From the sparging process to carbonation, each step is important to achieving the end result.

Want to know more facts about beer or other topics related to it? Pour yourself and drink and check out our other posts.

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