How Much Does Crawl Space Insulation Normally Cost?

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Do you have a crawl space in your home? If so, you should seriously consider doing crawl space encapsulation.

Encapsulating a crawl space is usually going to set you back at least a few thousand dollars. But it’ll stop moisture from building up and creating crawl space problems.

You should also give some thought to installing crawl space insulation. Insulating a crawl space will prevent it from taking a toll on the temperature of your home.

Before you start trying to figure out how to insulate a crawl space, though, you should see if you can find out how much it’ll cost to do it. Here are several factors that will impact the price you’ll need to pay to insulate a home crawl space.

The Size of Your Residential Crawl Space

Do you have a large crawl space that runs underneath the entirety of your home? Or do you have a small crawl space that only sits underneath a portion of your home?

Either way, the size of your home’s crawl space is going to play a big part in what it’ll cost to insulate it. The larger your crawl space is, the more you’ll have to set aside for crawl space insulation.

The Insulation Used in a Home Crawl Space

Generally speaking, you should always try to use some kind of foam crawl space insulation. But there are a few different types of crawl space insulation that you can use.

The two most popular types of crawl space insulation are:

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  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation

Both of these kinds of crawl space insulation will work wonders in your home’s crawl space. They’ll also come with different price tags attached to them in most cases.

The Crawl Space Insulation Company You Hire

When you decide to have crawl space insulation installed in your home, there will be any number of companies that you can hire to help you. Your job will be to find the one that you can afford.

You should shop around for different crawl space insulation companies in your area. It’ll put you in a position to pick the most affordable one.

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See What It’ll Cost to Insulate Your Crawl Space Today

If you’re living in a home that isn’t insulated in the crawl space right now, your house might not be as comfortable as you would like. You might also be wasting your fair share of energy every month.

Change this ASAP by insulating your crawl space. You’ll be amazed to see and feel what a big difference crawl space insulation can make when you have it installed by the right company.

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