How Much Water Should We Actually Drink in a Day

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We all have heard about drinking plenty of water in a day, or about drinking at least 8 glasses (2.5 litres) of water in a day. Hydrating is good for our health and enhances our beauty – it makes our skin glow. But is this indeed so, or are there any facts we are missing on when it comes to keeping our body hydrated and drinking ‘plenty’ of water in a day?

What kind of water do we need to drink – tap water, RO water, groundwater, tube well water, or what?

How can we get pure water anywhere and anytime?

We are here to answer these questions for you so you may not only drink plenty of water, but clean and safe too.

2.5 litres of water – myth or a fact?

Your requirement of water intake (which involves other forms of liquid too) also depends on your size, weight, age, activity level, gender and more. Institute of medicine had suggested 2.2 litres of water for women and 3 litres of water for men per day. Remembering to drink 8 glasses of water is easy, and it isn’t very far from the general standards recommended either.

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However, if you are doing more physical activity and losing a lot of sweat for that matter, your liquid intake must increase accordingly. So next time when you go to a gym or for running, cycling, hiking, swimming etc., carry a water bottle, which you may refill too, to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated due to excessive loss of liquid from the body.

When to Drink?

The obvious answer usually is, when you feel thirsty. Thirst is a symptom when you are at least 1-2 percent dehydrated. But do you know that even if you feel an altered mood state, dry eyes, headache or dizziness, muscle cramping, or lack of sweat, it may also mean that your body is dehydrated. So don’t wait for thirst feeling and keep some water within your reach all the time.

Choosing the right source

In a country like India, most of the water sources have got polluted and can’t be trusted with pure water for drinking. Before drinking water from anywhere, you should know if it is drinkable or not. If you are concerned about the water that comes to your homes and offices, you should get a water purifier installed.

You can go for RO water and RO mineral water purifiers. Where on one hand RO water purifiers helps in purifying the water with even high level of TDS, RO mineral water purifiers have an extra process of mineral fortification in their water purification system. In this process, the minerals that get washed out during the purification can be retained to add taste and health to your water.

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