How to activate WhatsApp without a phone

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The WhatsApp instant messaging application is the most popular and widespread category, but that does not mean that it is the best or the most complete. It has significant shortcomings compared to some of its competitors. And it gives some problems when, for example, users want temp number for whatsapp.But, although Mark Zuckerberg’s company does not make it easy for users in this regard, it is possible to do so by following this procedure.

Why you shouldn’t use your phone number

WhatsApp is a service that requires the use of a phone number to use the application. Considering that the messaging application is being used more and more quickly, we could say that many adolescents have a phone number in their name before their ID. Something that has caused the telephone number to become a method of identification. In the case of WhatsApp, our phone number is the username to use the tool. It is necessary to give a username or email and password in other services, but in WhatsApp, it is only our phone number.

Using this data as an identification method can have its risks. Someone could steal our WhatsApp account and pretend to be us. But unfortunately, this is not the only danger. Since today, many people use two-factor verification systems to protect their accounts.

Systems usually send a security code through a text message or SMS. Therefore, the fact that someone can impersonate our identity with the duplicate of our card will have access to a lot of our confidential information. That is why we will show below how we can create a WhatsApp account without using our phone number.

How to activate

While Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram accept registration with alternative methods to the phone number, WhatsApp does not allow it. We can get a virtual phone number in the following way:

With the fixed number of your company

If you have a company number or have contracted a 902 type number, you can use this number to verify the new installation of WhatsApp. In this way, you only have to download the application, and when setting up your WhatsApp account, it will ask for your phone number. Subsequently, a verification code that has been generated only once will be sent to that number.

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With a virtual phone number

Different applications allow you to have a second number so that you do not have to give your number, so, interestingly, you check the one that best suits your needs. We recommend some safe apps that offer you a solution to your needs, although they are not the only ones.  

with email

One of how we can activate a WhatsApp account without a phone number is through a trick just before starting to use the app. We will only need our email account as a verification method. So let’s proceed as if we had a number available.

It may be one more option, although it will not always work. The steps are as follows:

  • Once you have downloaded the application on your phone, we open it. But before executing it, we will have to put the airplane mode of our terminal into operation and leave only the WIFI option activated.
  • You’ll need to enter a phone number when you launch the app, which doesn’t have to be yours. You can use another, and it is that parts of the base that this number will not be necessary later. You will not receive any notification since the line is not active.

As it is not possible to verify the account through a number, the WhatsApp application itself will allow you to activate it in an alternative way. In this way, your email address will be required.

  • Now type the address you want to associate with the account and to which you have regular access.
  • Click OK.
  • With the confirmation PIN code already received, copy it and go back to the messaging application.
  • Now paste it or type it manually if you have memorized it.

From this moment, if you have been able to carry out all the steps correctly, you will already have an active WhatsApp account without the need for activation by phone number.

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