How to Add Character to Your Home with Stunning Renovations

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While most of the people think that renovations are all about revitalizing the beauty of the house and increasing space and functionality, there is always room for adding a little character to it. Your house needs to be a reflection of your dreams and personality. For that, you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds and undergo any stress of rebuilding the whole house. With little efforts and budget-friendly ideas detailed below, you can make your house look stunningly renovated.

Start Planning

It is important to plan your strategy because home renovation is not something to be completed in an hour or two. It takes days and weeks; sometimes months to get the final result you expected. If you follow a divisive technique and plan to renovate one room at a time, it will not only save you from a lot of clutter but also leave some space to stay in your house. In most cases, people face a lot of trouble staying in a mess when they start the renovation without any proper planning and management.

Work On The Walls

The walls of your home play an important role in enhancing its character. The best part of renovating the walls is that you are never limited by options. You are free to choose colors, patterns, and textures from wall paints, wallpapers, and cheap wall tiles for sale. This makes it more appealing as well as confusing because you never know what would look best on your walls. You must match your walls with the floors in a way that both complement each other. For example, tiled walls look best with tiled or glazed marble floors while a blend of old and soft colors suit best with wooden floors.

Go For Vintage Hardware

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This might seem like a common thing because no one pays attention to cabinet knobs and door handles. However, replacing our ordinary knobs with something royal and vintage can have a great impact on increasing the aesthetics of your house. Imagine when anyone will open a door in your house, the doorknob or handle will surely be appealing for them.

Blend Modern And Ancient Decorations

No matter how modern and stylish your home looks, a glimpse of the old always stands out. Try blending old and new themes and choose the decorations accordingly. An old fireplace with a shelf containing modern artifacts will look great. Other than that, you can place a grandfather’s clock in the corner where you plan to put your modern styled sofas. Add sleek and single colored curtains and blend it with an Egyptian rug to make it look more enhancing.


The outer space of your house is the first thing that anyone notices, which is why it is important to renovate it too. You don’t always have to worry about growing a whole garden out there. Just maintain your lawn and paint your fences with the same color as your roof. Arrange a sitting place and cover it with a sheltering shade so that visitors can spend some time sitting there too.

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