How to avoid having the high Risk Pregnancy

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Before planning a pregnancy, every person gets concerned about the risks and complications involved in it. Due to the increased stress and mismanaged lifestyles, the percentage of high-risk pregnancies is rising exponentially. You would want to avoid the complications and take the necessary steps right from the beginning; for a smoother pregnancy. Before anything else, two things need your attention. These two vital decisions are choosing the best gynaecologist in Pune and apply for the health card online. The gynaecologist will guide you through your journey, and the health card will ensure that money doesn’t come in between you and the best treatment.

Things to do to avoid a high-risk pregnancy

We are lending some expert tips on what you must do to avoid getting complications in your pregnancy.

Visit the doctor before planning

Consider getting in touch with your doctor before you plan to get pregnant. There are a lot of things that you need to consider for a successful pregnancy. It is better to analyze your health conditions, body weight, and age before proceeding towards pregnancy.


With increasing age, the chances of getting complications in your pregnancy increase. It can lead to premature birth, lower birth weight, and other issues. Thus, consult with your doctor beforehand, taking the necessary steps to avoid such complications.


Obesity can lead to complications like high blood pressure and stillbirth. Discuss with your doctor and maintain optimum weight before getting pregnant to avoid complications.

Health conditions

Many genetic disorders pass on to generations. Therefore, it is vital to consult with your doctor and discuss your medical history.

Manage existing health conditions

Any existing health condition like fluctuating blood pressure or lower haemoglobin leads to a high-risk pregnancy. You need to get it checked and manage these health issues beforehand to ensure a smoother pregnancy. Your doctor will probably recommend some supplements and therapies to control the health issues and prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. 

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Monitor your diet

Be super cautious about what you eat when you are pregnant. Additionally, what not to eat is also a significant choice, which needs all your attention.

Take supplements

Your body will require more nutrients during pregnancy. The doctor will surely give you the health supplements, but you also need to follow a healthy diet plan that keeps your body healthy and nourished. Consider getting in touch with dieticians through an online doctor consultation app and get your customized diet plan.

Avoid caffeine

You need to avoid consuming alcohol or tobacco in every form and should limit the consumption of caffeine. You can discuss with your doctor the apt quantity of caffeine that you can take.

Healthy Eating

Cravings are apparent, and you should eat what you crave but do not overeat unhealthy food. It can hamper the nutrient intake of the child, increasing the risks in your pregnancy.

Be in touch with your doctor.

Choose the best gynaecologist in Pune right at the beginning and stick to your doctor till the end. Spend enough time in doing the research and picking out the best available doctor. Ensure that you do not skip any appointment and follow whatever your doctor says. The doctor will monitor the growth of the baby at every stage and ensure that everything goes smooth.  If you still want to take a second opinion on something, check the list of gynaecologists on any online consultation app and take the advice.

Things to avoid

There are certain things other than alcohol and tobacco that you need to avoid at all levels. First, do not take stress; try to remain calm and happy as stress can lead to complications. Other than this, do not use any home remedies for any issue without consulting your doctor.

Keep all the things listed above in mind and act accordingly for a healthy pregnancy. Do not believe in what everyone says. Every pregnancy is different, and your doctor is the only one who can tell you what to do and what to avoid. Choose the best gynaecologist in Pune right from the beginning, and make sure you do not miss any appointments. Apply for the health card online well before time to stress that expenses don’t get on you!

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