How to Choose the Right Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

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The average person spends over two years of their life in a bathroom. Although the lights are not the first thing you may notice while spending so much time here, they are an important part of a bathroom routine.

Dim bathroom lighting can lead to makeup mishaps and make getting ready harder than it needs to be. Choosing the right bathroom lighting adds function and style to your bathroom space.

Here is everything you need to know about getting the best bathroom ceiling light fixtures to light up your bathroom.

Consider the Design

When it’s time for a new bathroom ceiling light, you’ll first have to decide on the design. With everything from simple to ornate, there are tons of bathroom ceiling lights to pick from.

Choose a ceiling flush mount or semi flush mount light for a modern look. These lights come in a wide variety of designs and sit close to the ceiling.

You can go vintage glam by adding a chandelier to your bathroom. You can choose from various sizes to find a light that goes with your style and bathroom size.

A pendant is another excellent bathroom ceiling light option. This style light adds sophistication to a bathroom space.

If you want to put a ceiling light fixture above your shower, you should go for recessed lighting. Make sure that you check the codes to see if you can hang these lights in this wet area.

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Think About Positioning 

Because a bathroom has so much moisture, you have to be mindful of the type of light you choose. If you want to put a light over your bathtub, you need to check that it is damp area rated. Calling in the professionals, like those at, will ensure your light is installed safely. 

Pay attention to the type of lightbulb you get for your new ceiling fixture. LED lightbulbs are the best choice for the environment due to their energy-saving qualities. Avoid incandescent and halogen bulbs as they are expensive and wasteful.

Use a lightbulb for your new fixture that gives off a warm and inviting light. A lightbulb that is too cool could make doing makeup difficult as the coloring will be off.

Don’t Forget to Check the Details

To figure out how big to get your ceiling light, measure the length and width of your bathroom. If you convert this number to inches, you’ll have the perfect size light for your room.

Be mindful of the finishes that you choose for your bathroom ceiling light. Look at the other fixtures in your bathroom and do your best to match the colors. This will keep the look cohesive throughout the space.

Find the Perfect Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures 

Adding new bathroom ceiling light fixtures can update the style of your room. With the right light, you’ll create a relaxing space where you can start and end your day.

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