How to Draft an Effective Marketing Strategy

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Your business needs and deserves a carefully crafted marketing strategy to ensure it can hit the next level. Today, that means being active on the web, mobile, and traditional media.

In the following article, we give you a step-by-step game plan for how to make your marketing efforts shine. Let’s begin!

1. Start with Creating Value

Any great marketing strategy built to last will need a good foundation. That foundation is your product, service, or content.

Be able to identify the major value propositions in what you do. Who is your audience? What needs are you meeting for them?

It’s possible to build a temporary success out of something without much value. Being able to replicate that, however, is going to take something with staying power.

2. Get Active On Social Media

Social media is useful to businesses because it offers you a free way to reach your followers and potential followers. The majority of people in the world are on social media anyway, so why not?

In fact, the last count by Pew Research placed the number at 70 percent of Americans being actively involved on social media. Globally, the number is close to 4.5 billion.

You can reach many of these people with very little investment. Here are two ways to do so.

What to Post and Where

One of the best social media marketing tips we can give you is this. Don’t post the same exact content in the same places.

You might have content that’s similar in messaging, but make sure the delivery method fits the channel you’re using. Find a way to hit 140-280 characters on Twitter, or package a short and dynamic video for the Instagram crowd.

On Facebook, longer posts and videos do well. TikTok? Watch the content that does well over there, and tie in what you’re doing for a unique video designed for that platform.

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Connect with Influencers

When it comes to securing influential spokespersons for your brand, Instagram is king. There are many strategies to get more Instagram likes out there, and you should be using as many of them as possible.

Landing a key influencer, however, is one of the best. That’s because people follow Instagram users based more on personality and content. Securing an endorsement from someone in this space can make your product go viral in a hurry.

Take time to get in touch with the Instagram personality (or other influencers) through the appropriate channels. Ask them to try your product or service for free to see if you can create any value for them.

3. Keep Creating Content

Content is important across all channels. Not all of your followers are on Facebook or Twitter or even social media. That’s why you want to keep feeding your platform with relevant content.

Use video, audio, and text to solve others’ problems, educate, or entertain. Make content that’s relevant to what you do in the process.

If you’re a plumber, post short how-to tutorials that show homeowners how to address a problem DIY-style. They might take your advice, or they might not. Either way, your business will be the one they turn to when encountering a problem they can’t handle.

4. Use Mobile to Your Advantage

Mobile is here to stay. This can be seen in the trajectory of mobile adoption. At one time, laptops and desktops were the primary ways that people surfed the Internet.

Today, there are more than 5 billion active mobile users out of a total population of 7.8 billion. Any marketing guide worth its salt should be imploring you to optimize for mobile if you haven’t already.

Of course, optimizing for mobile means more than it did five years ago. Today, a mobile responsive website is just the beginning. You also need these arrows in your quiver.

Texting and Push Notifications

Reaching mobile users through your own app tends to drive more sales than relying simply on a mobile site. Part of that’s because you give signups the option of enabling push notifications.

Admittedly, too many push notifications can start getting crushed under the weight of push notices from other apps unless the user really likes your product or service. Fortunately, you also have the option of enabling text message notifications.

Text messages have more of a sense of urgency and authority than do push notifications. That’s because marketing through text places you in the same group as the user’s closest contacts. They are, quite simply, a great way of grabbing attention, and you should be employing them any time you can create real value.


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Many businesses that depend, at least, in part on physical location should take advantage of geotagging. This enables you to make timely offers to customers whenever they’re near your location or that of a competitor.

The advantage of geotagging is that you can piggyback on a competitor’s efforts. You can also deliver the right offer at the right time, thus boosting revenues.

Geotagging works in conjunction with push notifications and text messaging. You set up a beacon close to a certain location. Whenever the user’s GPS data shows up in that area, you’re able to automatically push notices designed to incentivized foot traffic and in-person or online shopping.

5. Test Before You Spend

Another business marketing essential is to test your ads regularly to see what works, what doesn’t, and what needs a tweak or two before getting the best results. You can make the most of split-testing using a two-pronged approach.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic you get for free. You post something and people find it. They find it because it’s great content, it’s optimized for the right keywords, or a combination of the two.

People find the content useful. They share it with friends and family. You do nothing but create and post.

You’re going to experience a lot of starts and stops as you try to find the right formula for posting content that wins organically. Once you do, it’s easier to recreate. It’s also easier to tell whether it will be successful when you put some money behind it.

Ad Spend

Every business needs a marketing budget devoted to promoting online content or advertisements. If you’ve done your job right on the organic side, it’s easy to know where you should be spending that money as well.

When something takes off in a “viral” way compared to other ads and content, you’ve got a message worth spreading. Look at engagements.

Whatever is getting the most reactions or comments on an organic level will likely be the message that performs well on a paid campaign. Therefore, post frequently, make note of your successes and failures, and pour your resources into those efforts that produce the biggest organic results.

6. Pursue Free Media

Finding success with digital marketing isn’t just about social media. It’s about traditional media, too. In fact, a well-placed local media piece can yield a much bigger return on investment than a socially viral hit.

If you’re unfamiliar with the “old” way of doing things, now’s a great time to get acquainted. Here are two essentials to pursuing free traditional media.

Press Release Distribution

Create professionally written and designed press releases every time you have some news worth sharing. From there, get it submitted to as many press release distribution services as you can.

Some require payment, while others have a free model of which you can take advantage. Make sure you submit your press releases in accordance with their guidelines to improve the odds of acceptance and distribution.

Local Journalists

Many business owners fail to realize what wonderful sources their local journalists can be. These reporters are always looking for content for their readers.

Deliver something that is timely and relevant to a local audience, and it could result in a giant social media push. That push might start local, but it could soon be attracting national attention. Ignore local publications at your own peril!

7. Search Engine Optimization

Aside from traditional and social media marketing, there’s still a place for good old-fashioned SEO. (Well, considering all the algorithm changes and updates, maybe not old-fashioned.)

SEO continues to be significant to finding an audience. You just have to stay on top of changes, and create with a human audience in mind. Here are two “musts” for SEO marketing.

Keywords and Content

Target the right long-tail keywords. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner (free) to find what people are searching for on a topic. From there, create content around those keywords.

Again, use video, audio, and text. Get active on different social media channels. All these platforms use SEO for content discovery, and the right approach can get you thousands of free leads with little effort.

Tech Factors

The blah side of SEO, for most anyway, is technical SEO. It’s blah because it’s not really creative work. It just involves assigning the appropriate tags and labels to content.

This, making sure menus are easily navigable, and ensuring the validity of internal and external links, help your site stand out to search engines. Furthermore, make sure any listings on directories agree with what’s on your site and social media.

You Should Be Able to Replicate Any Great Marketing Strategy

Every great marketing strategy is something you can replicate. It’s a game plan for finding success whether you’re using social media, your own website, traditional media, or other sources, and the one above will get you results you can recreate time and time again.

For more marketing tips, check out some of our additional posts.

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