How To Fix Ron Wood Windows?

How To Fix Ron Wood Windows?
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Rot on wooden windows is caused by a type of fungus that destroys wood. It is just as harmful as termites or any major insect infestation and you want to know that How To Fix Ron Wood Windows? To avoid this, one should always ensure that wooden windows are well-maintained, painted regularly and glazed when necessary. All is not lost if your windows begin to rot as some people are able to catch the rot and begin making improvements before the entire window needs to be replaced.

Rot repair

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How To Fix Ron Wood Windows?
How To Fix Ron Wood Windows?

Below are three options for window rot repair that you can consider. However, these options are only available for painted windows, not stained wood.

  1. Water Putty – this requires only water to be mixed with the product to form the putty. It can be used to repair damaged wood windows when applied correctly. It is simple to use on your own and does not create a big mess. You may decide on the consistency of the putty you are comfortable working with (preferably like pancake batter) an add water to weaken it.

    Remove all the damaged wood before you begin, using a screwdriver or chisel. You can then mix the putty and get it ready for use. Apply the putty onto the wood and allow it to dry, you may then add more putty if necessary. Once you are satisfied that the damage has been covered and filled, allow it to dry thoroughly. Sand down the area to make it smooth, thereafter apply a waterproofing product to the window and give it a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Consider PL FIX 2 part repair – Two part poly-urethane-based wood repair filler is your next option. The light tan epoxy is formed with a combination of resin and hardener. It can reach small gaps and creaks and is easy to apply. The filler does not crack and remains the same consistency even when dry. It is extremely sticky so it may be a little challenging to utilize however, it is easy to mold into a three-dimensional wood replacement.

    Useful tips

    You may find that the Bosch Multi X is perfect for cutting out the damaged wood.
  3. Replacement – sometimes the best thing you can do is get rid of the damaged parts of the wood. You can measure the piece and cut out a replacement piece of pressure-treated wood with the same dimensions. Use a good adhesive to glue the piece back into the window casing. Ensure that you apply primer on all sides of the replacement piece as this will protect the wood against moisture. Once you have glued the replacement piece back on, fill the seams with putty and when it is dry, sand them down to smoothen. You may now apply a waterproof window sealer, primer and paint to match the rest of the window.

    You will find many great tips and advice online from do-it-yourself sites and professional blogs. If you are unable to perform the necessary repairs on your windows then ensure to get in touch with a professional for assistance.
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