How to fix the installation error of Malwarebytes?

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Malwarebytes is a globally famous anti-malware that keeps your device secure from various unwanted threats. Whenever you want a good security program for your device, check for Malwarebytes. The plans of this antivirus program are available for almost all devices. The device security tools are free to access. But when a user needs internet security services then he can go for the paid plans on Malwarebytes. The setup of Malwarebytes is simple to install and use. But few Malwarebytes users face some errors while installing this program.

Reasons behind Malwarebyte installation error

  1. Incompatible Malwarebytes setup
  2. Corrupt setup download
  3. Low hard-disk space
  4. Other programs are conflicting
  5. Junk files are interrupting the installation process

Check for incompatible Malwarebytes setup

The setup for this antivirus is available for various devices. Users can open the web and download Malwarebytes easily. But the user has to install the compatible setup on the device. People often get these installation issues when they download the setup for Malwarebytes without checking the device requirements. If your Malwarebytes is not installing; the user should immediately check for the requirements of the setup. If the system can’t provide the resources; Malwarebytes will not install. Check all the requirements of your setup and then match it with the device specifications. If the setup is not compatible then remove it. Again, open the Malwarebytes website and search for the setup which is compatible with the device.

Reinstall the Malwarebytes setup

Users can face errors while installation when the setup is corrupted. Sometimes, when the internet is not stable; the setup can’t get downloaded properly. When you run the setup on the device it will show Malwarebytes unable to connect the service fix on the screen. Your antivirus won’t install until the user installs the correct setup on the system. Go to your device and remove the corrupted Malwarebytes setup. Again open the Malwarebytes website and download the setup when the internet is stable. Now restart your device and retry to install the setup on your device.

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Remove the junk from the device

When you are installing a security program or any software; check for the junk. Users should clean all the junk before installing the program. If your Malwarebytes is not installing; check for all the junk. Close the Malwarebytes wizard and all running programs. Check for the temp files and delete all of them. Restart the PC and go to the C drive. If you have any junk files then remove them. When you can’t check for all the junk files manually; run your cleanout tool. You have to use the cleanmgr command. When you run the command; it will check for all the junk files. After the scan, you will see a list of files and programs; tap items to delete. Now restart the computer and reopen your downloads. Run the Malwarebytes setup and wait for completing the installation process.

Remove another antivirus from the device

Security programs can show conflict issues when you are installing a new antivirus. Before you install this program; check for an installed antivirus setup. If the program is expired then install the setup and remove the files. Also, remove the old Malwarebytes setup. After removing it, your Malwarebytes will install easily. The Malwarebytes anti-malware allows the user to use it with another security program. In case you want to use both programs then you should disable the antivirus while installing Malwarebytes to prevent conflict issues. After installation, you can enable it and use it on the device.

Update your Operating System

Many errors on the device occur when the OS is outdated. Whenever a user tries to install a program or make changes; outdated OS will start showing errors. When you get the error; check for the update of your Operating System. If your OS is outdated; you have to update it. Updating the OS will fix the error patches and remove various issues. Now, restart the system so the system can check for the changes. Run Malwarebytes setup for installation.

Increase free hard-disk on the device

The program needs some space to get installed correctly on the system. If the hard disk is full then your antivirus will not install. Check the hard disk requirement of the Malwarebytes setup. Now you have to remove the large files to increase free space. Once the system gets good space; you can install your setup reliably.

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