How To Get Google IT Support Certificate 2020?

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The era of 2020 is the era of innovations in IT, as we all know that IT technologies specially “AI” is playing an important role in reshaping world business, IT technologies has served and serving in Telehealth, Robotics, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Traveling and other sectors splendidly. Billions of people are related to IT sector in different ways with different products and services, you must see their professional IT support team to help out the consumers regarding their products/services to make it successful.

What do you think these all IT businesses are running successfully without any IT support?

No! every IT business or company must have their professional IT support team. Their team help out their consumers regarding their problems to make their company successful. Now the question is, how they become such professional and lead their company towards a successful company? Now graduates are getting the IT support certificates and become a professional IT support expert with a little bit trainings of hiring company so it is very easy to become an IT support professional. How? Let me guide you in very easy steps so you can enhance your IT skill.

Do you know that Google is making IT support training simple & easy in short time?

You can be a professional IT support certified by investing 5 hours a week and it’s a 6 months short course with 12 college credits, which is equivalent to 4 associate degree level courses. sounds great? Google offers entry level to expert level certificate, and its totally an online course means you don’t need to go any specific building/location. You just need an internet connection and your computer/laptop to learn it so you can start your career in IT with Google IT support certificate.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate by Grow with Google

Why Graduates Consider Career with Google IT Support So Lucrative?

It’s a very big question and its answer is very simple and the answers is where do you want to get hired? Every student wants to get hired in big tech firms like, Google, Facebook, Pinterest and several companies are listed on. There are some reasons to join a tech company or IT support job for other companies.

  • Tech companies like Google pay higher than other companies.
  • You will have a big name (Google) on your resume as your employer.
  • Working with big companies give you the big confidence in your life regarding everything.
  • Working in big tech companies changes your lifestyle.

What is Grow with Google?

Grow with Google is dedicated program from Google where you can find many other courses from the house of Google to enhance your skills and business opportunities.

Get started with The Google IT Support Certificate

Start your IT support career with Google IT support professional certificate because IT support is very fast-growing field and according to Google it is “projected to grow 10% from 2018-2028 and faster than the average of all other occupations. And the median salary is $53,470 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.”

Google IT Support Professional Certificate by Grow with Google

Google IT support professional certificate review

As we all know about Google, No.1 search engine, No.1 in daily search queries almost 5.6 billion searches per day. No.1 in Ads program for publishers (Google AdSense), No.1 in search engine marketing (Google AdWords) and many other products Google is known as, so it is simply clear about the reputation of Google.

LivingSwag has done a survey where we asked 541 job seekers about their Google IT support professional certificate. This is what we had been answered:

  • 65% of job seekers said Google IT support professional certificate help my career progression and it was the reason for earning their certificate.
  • 40% answered us that Google IT support professional certificate helped them make more money.
  • 47% answered that Google IT support professional certificate helped us to get a job.
  • 95% are ready to recommend a family member or friend to get Google IT support certificate

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How many courses are the part of Google IT support certificate?

The launchpad to a career in IT. This program is designed to take beginner learners to job readiness in about eight months.

There are only 5 courses you will learn in Google IT support certificate.

  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
  • IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

What is the cost of Google IT support professional certificate?

So many people are thinking that if Google is offering some IT courses then these can’t be affordable but they all are wrong. The fee of Google IT support certificate is $49/month only. Sounds great?

How worth full is Google IT support professional certificate?

As the survey report mentioned above LivingSwag can say that this certificate is 100% worth full, because you will get jobs in big companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other financial companies with best offers.

What is the job opportunity after getting Google IT support professional certificate?

There are big job opportunities you will get after completing your Google IT support professional certificate in many big companies such as Bank OF America, PNC, Spirit, BestBuy, Intel, Google, Hulu, KFORCE, Modis and more. Do you know that there are more than 250K IT support jobs are unfilled across the US?

Google IT support professional certificate salary

You will earn a very handsome salary after getting your IT support job as described above “the median salary is $53,470 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.”

What Other Promising Careers You Can Think of With Other Google Certifications?

Let me tell you that Google is offering many other courses some are short and some are long time courses. You can find out more opportunities here at some courses are mentioned below:

  • Google IT automation with Python
  • Cloud architecture with Google cloud
  • Data engineering with Google cloud
  • Cloud engineering with Google cloud
  • Developing application with Google cloud platform
  • Programming with Google Go.

How to enroll for Google IT support certificate?

Before making any hasty decisions let me tell you that if you are going to join the team of 139,379 already enrolled students! It is very easy to enroll for Google IT support certificate simply click on any above submitted Image and enroll yourself easily.

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