How to Help Save the Oceans and Marine Life

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The Earth is about 71% water, and it is one of the largest sources of oxygen. Not only that, but it’s also the home to millions and millions of species that are an important part of the marine ecosystem.

Sadly, the oceans are in desperate need of your help. Humans are threatening the sea with pollution, ship strikes, and the killing of important species.

The decisions you make daily impact marine life, believe it or not. And today, we’re going to discuss what you can do to help save the oceans.

Organize Beach Cleanups

The beach is a place you no doubt love to spend time at, whether by yourself or with your friends. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hang at the beach, as long as you make sure to clean up after. Whatever activities you do, make sure not to leave any garbage or residue behind in order to keep the ocean clean.

And, organizing beach cleanups with you and your friends is another great way to care for the ocean. Or you can look for local organizations and see if they’ve scheduled a cleanup in order to join them.

Don’t Buy Items That Exploit Marine Life

There are specific items that people use as aesthetic products or decorations that contribute to the exploitation of marine life. For example, jewelry made of coral, turtle shells, shark teeth, etc. The lower the demand for these marine products, the faster the companies that make these products will go out of business, and the more you’ll help protect marine life.

Avoid Using Plastic

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Most of the plastics we use end up in the ocean, which leads to the destruction of the habitat and the death of many important species. In addition, plastic is a material that takes literally hundreds of years to decompose, and it releases loads of toxins that are hazardous to the environment.

So, to protect our ocean, try not to use plastic at all or at least reduce the amount of plastic you’re using. One way to reduce your plastic use is to stop purchasing water bottles and buy a reusable one. Or, instead of using the standard plastic bags for your groceries, use a reusable one made of fabric.

Support The Organizations that Support Marine Life

There are several organizations and institutes that are continuously fighting to protect the ocean and save marine life. Find an organization and support them by voting, donating, or volunteering in any special event.

You can also make a statement with the clothes you wear. Most of these organizations sell products, such as this manatee t shirt, that help create awareness and show support to these special products.

Don’t Use Balloons

This may sound strange, but whenever you release a balloon into the air, it ends up in the ocean and then tragically in the stomach of a turtle. Turtles mistake them for food and end up eating them or getting tangled in their strings. So, next time you use balloons, recycle them instead of releasing them.

Save the Oceans!

By working together and making these small changes in your life, you will be helping save the oceans. The future depends greatly on the sea, and you should do everything in your hands to support marine life. If you think this article was insightful and beneficial, then be sure to visit the rest of our website!

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