How to Hire an Appellate Attorney

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It is not uncommon for the losing party to appeal to reverse the lower court’s judgment in a court case. However, most people make the mistake of assuming that the appellate procedure is similar to trial proceedings. The process is much different from a trial in terms of objective and procedure. Working with an appeal attorney maximizes your chances of winning a case.

If you are looking for experienced federal appeals attorneys, here are a few tips to help you.

  1. Check the Attorney’s Experience

Appellate practice requires more than book knowledge. Appellate attorneys are valued for their excellent communication and analytical skills. They also must know which arguments and facts to pursue. Experience helps the attorney prioritize statements so that they can be presented accordingly.

Analyzing the lower court’s judgment and the facts of the case isn’t enough. The appeal lawyer must know how to write a persuasive brief because arguments, no matter how strong, lose their importance if not expressed clearly. It is only with experience that appeal lawyers can learn the art of writing a simple and straightforward brief.

When hiring an appellate attorney, make sure they have handled a case that’s similar to yours and have overturned a criminal or civil judgment.

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  1. Make Sure They Have Exclusive Experience in Appellate Practice

Trial attorneys have different skillsets than appellate attorneys. While the former are experts at questioning facts and ferreting out information, appeals lawyersare good at brief writing. Writing skills are essential is because appeals are often decided on briefs rather than oral arguments. Trial lawyers do not have the necessary appellate litigation skills to identify potential grounds for appeal.

  1. Conduct Due Diligence

Sometimes people retain an appeal lawyer to work with the trial counsel even while the case is at the trial court level. This way, the appellate counsel has a better view of the case even before it is appealed to identify potential grounds for appeal and preserve issues for a possible appeal.

But this isn’t the norm. In most cases, the in-house counsel works with the client to select the right appellate counsel. Do not choose a name off a list or go by the attorney’s reputation. Instead, search for an appellate attorney like you would look to conduct a job interview. Meet the attorney in person to make sure they satisfy the requirements related to your case. You must also make sure the lawyer specializes exclusively in appellate practice.It is challenging to mix appellate and trial practice and do justice to either.

Are you looking for appellate attorneys? Call 888-233-8895 to discuss an appeal or appellate procedures.

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