How To Optimize PDF Documents For SEO

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Just like website pages, you will have to optimize PDF files for the SEO. Its reason is that after optimizing the PDF files for SEO, you can increase the visibility of these PDF files into the search results. Its reason is that Google has to crawl billions of documents in a day. In these documents, there come images, instance pages and PDF files etc. If you don’t do proper SEO of
your PDF documents, Google will not pay attention to the PDF files. To get the attention of Google, you will have to make these files SEO friendly. Some essential tips to optimize PDF documents for SEO are given below;

Carefully Choose The File Name:

Just like a web post, the first step to optimize the PDF file for SEO is to select a suitable file name. For this reason, you will have to do keyword research. Its reason is that if you are optimizing your PDF file against such keyword which don’t have enough searches, no one will click on the PDF file. On the other hand, if you have selected such keyword for your PDF file which have enough searches, your PDF file will get enough clicks and downloads. You should also take a competitive analysis of the keyword. This competitive analysis will tell you either it is easy for you to rank on this specific keyword or not. You should try to select a low competition keyword for the PDF files.

Internally Link The PDF Documents:

No doubt, it is difficult for you to include internal links into the PDF documents. PDF documents have enough importance. Its reason is that these are high-value assets of your website. These high-value documents consist of surveys and reports. Therefore, these PDF documents are different from the product pages. If you add internal links in these PDF documents, this thing will add a direct impact on the SEO of these documents. You should also try to send contextual internal links to these PDF documents. These contextual internal links will also tell the search
engines that these documents have enough importance. As a result, Google also indexes these PDF documents.

Title Of The PDF Documents Should Be Unique And Optimized:

No doubt, it is the part of the basic SEO. Anyhow, most of the people forget it when they are going to upload PDF documents on their websites. They should understand that title of a PDF document is just similar to the HTML title tag of a web page. It means that this title tag is also clickable. It is a fact that PDF files are created to rank against the long-tail keywords. Therefore,
in the title of the PDF document, you should try to adjust the long-tail keyword. After adjusting the keyword in the title, you should also try to hone the investigation of this keyword in the meta description of the PDF document. You should also make it catchy. Its reason is that a catchy title
can increase the CTR of your PDF documents.

Tailor Content Of The PDF Documents For The Mobile Experience:

This advice is not only applicable for the PDF document but this advice is also applicable for all the digital marketing channels. Its reason is that the number of mobile users is increasing than desktop users. Therefore, you should also try to tailor the content of the PDF documents for mobile users. For this reason, you should try to decrease the length of the PDF documents. You should also try to make some actionable changes into the content of the PDF documents.

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You should also try to add bullet points and bold text into the PDF documents. These things are helpful to you to make the content more digestible for mobile readers.

Decrease The Size Of The PDF File:

Either you are working on a PDF document or a web post for a dissertation help firm; you should not compromise on the loading speed. Its reason is that Google doesn’t give importance to those web pages in the search results that are taking enough time in loading the data. While creating the PDF documents, you will have to include images. After including these images, you can’t remove these images. Its reason is that if you remove these images, the quality of your PDF document will be decreased. The best way to decrease the loading speed of a PDF document is to compress the images within it.

Use Subheadings:

It is a fact that in the PDF documents, there is important information for the readers. Now, the problem is that the readers have a dwelling attention span. Therefore, if you create the PDF documents in the form of a giant paragraph, readers will not try to read these documents by paying full attention. Therefore, you should try to break the content of the PDF documents by using subheadings. These subheadings should be appealing and intriguing for the readers.

Use Plain Text:

Most of people think that most of the content of the PDF documents should consist of images only. That’s why they don’t pay enough attention to the plain text of the PDF documents. No doubt, Google has started to read the content in the format of the image but still, Google is relying on the texture content. In other words, we can also say that Google is giving more importance to the texture content than images. Therefore, we should try to create the content of the PDF documents in the form of plain text. This is also the best way to decrease the loading speed of the PDF files.

Track The Performance Of The PDF Documents:

This tip is not relevant to the optimization of the PDF documents. Anyhow, this is an important tip to improve the ranking of the PDF documents. In the previous steps, we have provided enough tips and guidelines to optimize the PDF documents for SEO. It means that you will have to apply some essential techniques to improve the SEO of the PDF documents. After applying these techniques, it is also an essential tip to you to track the performance of the PDF documents.
By tracking the performance of the PDF documents, you can easily get an idea either you arefollowing the right optimizations strategies to increase the SEO of PDF files or not.

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