How To Pick the Best Area To Hang Wall Arts In Your home

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The wall arts look impressive and have all the advantages as wall decor without any second opinion. They layer, texture, and give a finishing look to any space. Moreover, if you execute them correctly at the right place, they look even more graceful.

In addition, the wall arts add a new palette and are a great conversation starter. You must hang them at the best places because of such great importance and advantages.

The wall decor is a crucial element of home decor. So, how to choose the best area for your wall art in your home? Keep reading to discover some best places to ride your beautiful wall arts.

Find a Large Blank Wall

Do you notice a large blank wall? The chances are to find it in the living room. You can do so much with this as you can go for sizable wall arts like canvas. Or you can mix and match different styles of wall arts to create a gallery.

First, make sure you cover sixty to seventy-five percent of the wall. The art looks out of place, if it’s too small or too large. Always make sure the wall arts are at eye level. Lastly, a 57-inch distance between the ground and center of the wall arts is considered standard.

A wall Adjacent to Fireplace

A wall adjacent to the fireplace looks fabulous. You can hang vertical wall art like canvas, paintings, or a single long piece. The detailing on the walls adjacent to the fireplace seems pretty stunning as it’s the focal point of the room.

Choose an Elongated Wall

On an elongated wall near the hallway, you can create a grid. Ensure proper spacing as smaller spaces can have one to two-inch of space. The more giant pieces cans have four to six inches of space. Ensure even spacing for a more attractive look.

Create a Gallery on Staircase Wall

It’s the perfect place for creating a gallery. The staircase wall is often ignored, but you can create a view while climbing it. You can hang sizable wall art or mix and match different styles for a vintage look. 

You can add wall signs, plants, and artifacts with vintage canvas or paintings. Make sure the wall art is 150 cm above the stair step. Also, while hanging multiple pieces, take out the center and align accordingly.

Wall Arts over a Perfect Piece of Furniture

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Wall arts like macrame, wall sconces, canvas, etc., over a console table, bed, or any pretty furniture makes the best pairing. Make sure the top of furniture and the wall art center are six to twelve inches apart. Also, go for wall arts which cover two-thirds or three-fourths of the table. 

Don’t Forget the Dining Area

A wall art element near the dining table is a must. It adds character to this shared space. It’s an excellent chit-chat starter and gives a visual appeal while having meals. 

You can go for ceramics, paintings, etcThe eye level rule changes for the wall arts in the dining room as while sitting the level lowers. So, hang the wall arts slightly lower for a more striking look.

Find Perfect Spot in the Kitchen

Arranging wall art in the Kitchen must be done cleverly. Place it away from smoke and heat. It looks good on the opposite wall of the cabinet. 

The Kitchen is the most loved space, so layer it attractively. You can hang them opposite the natural light; they will look more bright and pretty.

Find a Place in Bathroom

The bathroom deserves a luxurious touch, so line up bathroom wall art above the bathtub wall. You can also hang the wall art such that you can view it while entering the space. Also, a grid of canvas with sassy quotes and portraits looks good on the wall adjacent to the washbasin.

Curate a Gallery wall

You can curate a gallery wall adjacent to the bed, a sofa in the living room, or a hallway wall. Mix and match different wall arts. Ensure proper spacing. You can place the wall arts on the floor and arrange them for the final look. 

For example, you can set the most prominent piece at the center and range others accordingly. Or hang the heavy pieces at the left bottom and medium ones at the center with light ones at the left top. An excellent arrangement will make the area look so artistic and grand.

Let’s Wrap it

Now you can smartly pick and assess your home for some best wall for wall arts. Then, hang them with all the wall art hanging rules and layer your wall artistically. The wall arts reflect your personality and look stunning in any space.

So, look at all the places discussed above and hang the perfect pieces with all the perfection and dedication. Then, bring in new colors and patterns with fantastic wall art to create a stunning place.

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