How to Tour In the Most Popular Cars for Rent?

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For those who didn’t know, common car models are called by different names in different countries which may confuse you during rent or lease. Take for instance the Ford-150 and the Ford Lobo or Open Karl and the Holden Commodore; all are just different names for common car models. In Mexico, Ford Lobo is quite popular whereas Chevrolet Spark is known best as the Open Karl in the U.K. and so on.

But then, why different car model names in different countries around the world? Much of it’s associated to the element of audience appeal, car trend and latest automotive fashion which is unique to each location and demography. Take for instance some of the most prevalent cars on the Europe and Asia are more compact due to narrow and crowded streets. Recall the Dodge brand made for the heavy suburban but when landed their Dart model in China, it was rebranded to Fiat Viaggio correlating to the dynamic and compact Italian vehicles.

With all that, let’s have a look at some of the most popular cars around the world to buy, lease and rent and how you can tour in them.

Car Companies Do This for a Reason…

  • Cars need to meet demographic, geographic and spatial needs particular to each country.
  • Large SUVs available at car rental company in Bahrain or anywhere around the world are made smaller for the limited space and narrow street to fit in busy and population-dense countries.
  • Automobile manufacturers do this deliberately to appeal varying preferences of diverse buyers all across the world.
  • Perhaps name of a particular model sounds uncool or old-fashioned which is then rebranded to appeal new buyers.
  • To translate English car names isn’t always candid and meanings can be misleading and even offensive.

Different Car Names & Global Fame

  • Ford F-150/Lobo

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Since 1977, F series by Ford has been best-selling pickup trucks across the U.S. and as a vehicle since 1986. The car’s also available for rent in many different countries, making an impression on the road.

  • The Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 or the ‘Recreational Activity Vehicle – 4-Wheel Drive’ is among the best SUVs known for amazing on and off-road performance. Featuring ample interior space, significant legroom and luggage space, this car’s best for a family road trip.

  • The Toyota Camry

In English phonetics, the word ‘Camry’ stands for the ‘crown’ in typical Japanese and it holds true for this particular vehicle as Toyota combined ultimate passenger luxury and optimum road performance with fuel efficiency. Renting a Toyota Camry for your next road trip is perhaps the best bargain.

  • Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai is Korean for Modernity in English whereas the letter ‘H’ itself complements to a handshake which means the car gives ultimate road pleasure and a true friend for your next family road trip. Being an SUV, you get plenty of space and stylish interior.

So look out for some of the coolest cars when booking at your next car rental company in Bahrain.

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