How to troubleshoot the security application code 8504?

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Security applications have become compulsory these days for the devices. Whenever you perform any crucial job on a system, it requires security. When the system is not protected, any malware or hacker can easily attack it. Using the antivirus assures that the person can use his device securely. But many times, your antivirus gets into error and then stops scanning the system. For keeping the system secure, the user must repair the antivirus and then run it on the system. Error code 8504 appears on Norton antivirus while scanning or installing the program. Users can try a few methods for resolving the error.

Troubleshooting security application code 8504 error:

Restart the PC

When the antivirus is not working and showing an 8504 error, then you should restart the PC. The antivirus gets an error code when it is unable to get resources. Go to the device and restart it. When the user restarts it, all the resources will be free. Open your antivirus and run on the system. Now the program can easily find all the required resources and then scan the device reliably.

Check for the program’s update

Antivirus often provides auto-update service. When the update for antivirus appears and the system is connected to the internet, updates get downloaded automatically. But when the program is not on auto-renewal and then you have to renew the antivirus manually. Open the program and update the antivirus. The update shows an error when the system hard-disk space is low. Your antivirus will run and show the errors. Open the system and then remove some unnecessary files. Now update the antivirus and then scan the system.

Repair the registry files 

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Users can get Norton security error 8504 when their registry files are corrupted. The user needs these files to run the program correctly. The user has to open the system and repair Norton registry files. Open the device and then go to its cmd screen. Run Regedit to open the Windows command screen. Now the user has to search for all the antivirus-related registry files. Check for the corrupted files and then get their backup keys. Now you have to open the corrupted registry files of Norton antivirus and then repair them. In case, you can’t repair those files manually then ask for help. 

Remove the conflicting program

When you are facing error code 8504 while running another program on the system then delete it. You can get the error because the program is conflicting with some of your antivirus files. Users mainly get the error when the program is malicious. You have to open the system and check for the program files. Remove the conflicting program from your system and then your program will scan the device reliably.

Remove the junk files

Your antivirus can show errors when some of the junk files are interrupting it. Whenever the security program runs on the system and tries to scan junk, it starts interrupting it. Antivirus can’t find the junk on the malware list and then get into error. Users should remove all the junk from the system which is affecting the antivirus. Remove the temporary files and then check other folders for junk. On the Windows system, use the junk cleaner tool. Run the cleanmgr on Windows 10. The tool will run and then inspect all the junk files on the system. Select those files and then remove them from the system. Now open the device and then run your antivirus. 

Check for the system files

Antivirus or your other programs can get into error when some of the device files are now working correctly. These files get corrupted and then other programs show errors. Users need to repair all those files for running the program. When you don’t know the steps to repair the files manually ask for help. Never edit those files without guidelines otherwise your other programs can get into error. Try to run the Windows file repair tool. It will check for all the systems and repair them. The user has to run SFC/scannow on the device and it will fix the system files. Now reopen the system and run the antivirus. When the security program is still showing the same error code then reinstall its setup on the system and then use the program reliably. 

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