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One of Google’s most valuable administrations is Google Voice, which gives users one number where their families, customers, and friends can generally contact them. This is excellent information for anyone tired of checking their work, mobile and home voicemails each time they miss a call.

Be that as it may, Google Voice has significantly more to bring to the table than just this; you get free voicemails record, the capacity to identify and block callers, customized greetings for various callers, and free messaging, among others.

Getting a Google Voice number is as simple as going to and login in with a Gmail account. From that point, you can pick your area code and input your phone number or have one appointed to you. In case you’re a business owner, you would now be able to port your phone number with that of Google Voice, empowering you to stay in contact regardless of where you are without stressing over evolving numbers.

Regardless of whether you’re not prepared to completely surrender your phone number to Google, there are as yet various valuable highlights for those ready to give it a shot. Here is the way to use Google voice and get the best out of it:

1. Make Google Voice number ring various phones at the same time:

Your Google Voice number is fit for ringing on your PC, cell phone all at a time. It’s likewise adjustable when of day, so the entirety of your PC/phones don’t ring when you are home at night. To ring various gadgets, follow the instructions below;

  • Click Settings > Voice Settings.
  • Click Phones. You’ll either observe a rundown of gadgets associated with your Google Voice number, or you’ll be incited to add them.
  • If you have the gadgets in the rundown, ensure the box close to them is ticked. If otherwise, click add another phone.
  • Give the phone number a name and specify the purpose, e.g., business, home, work, etc.
  • Click Show Advanced Settings to get to voicemail options and the ring plan. You can plan Always/Never Ring on non-weekend days and additionally ends of the week, or determine a custom timetable for both.

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2. Free sending of text messages: 

It is easier to send and receive messages freely through your Google Voice number, the Google Voice application on your cell phone and Gmail. To send a message through the Google Voice work area, click “text”. At that point, input your receiver’s ID and your message.

Be that as it may, sending messages through your Gmail account keeps the entirety of your correspondence in one spot and saves money on messaging costs.

To send a message to your Gmail:

  • Click Settings > Voice Settings.
  • Click Voicemail and Text.
  • Ensure you tick the forward text messages to  Gmail

3. Make custom voice message greetings

Greeting your business partners with one message and your family with another message can be done. You can even indicate which phone number rings, dependent on who the caller is. Here’s the secret:

  • Click Settings > Voice calls from the Google Voice work area.
  • Click Groups and select the group you want to make the changes.
  • Click Edit to change which phone rings.
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