How to Win at Leading a Team

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A great leader has many good qualities and one of those is an appreciation of those they lead.

When there is a lack of appreciation, there is more employee turnover. More than three quarters of employees will leave a job when they don’t feel appreciated.

What other characteristics and habits do team leaders possess? What does it take to lead a team to success? 

When you’re leading a team, you want to turn your goals into successes. Keep reading this guide to learn what qualities will make you a great leader.  

Be a Good Listener 

All good business leaders know how to listen as well as they speak. Why is this an important skill? It helps you connect with your team. Get to know them by finding out their aspirations, any concerns they have, and their strengths and weaknesses. 

Getting to know your team will help you formulate your approach to leading them. It helps you bond as a team and earn their respect and trust. 

Check in with your team on a regular basis so you can help anyone who’s struggling or needs your help or just wants to talk about something that’s going on. 

Invest in the Role of Leader 

Don’t just add the term leader to your job description on top of all of your other job responsibilities. Be visible to your team and make yourself available to them to offer support. 

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Create a positive work environment. Let your team know that you’re not too busy with your own tasks to be there for them. 

Communication is Key 

Without communication, it’s impossible to reach team goals. Communication is the key to building relationships, assessing progress, and identifying problems. Get the team out of their work bubbles to communicate often and effectively. 

When you have great communication with your team, it’s easy to outline your expectations and delegate responsibilities to the team members. People will be more responsive when the communication channels are open. They’ll also be happier and more productive. 

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Be a Decision Maker

You should be confident in the decisions you make. Make fast, clear decisions but you don’t always need to make them alone. Consult with your team to get a different perspective or bounce ideas off of them. Remember you will not always have all the answers because it’s an ongoing learning process. 

Leading a Team 

Now that you know the qualities of a good leader and how to put them into practice, you’ll excel at leading a team. Good team leadership is important if you want to meet your goals and keep the members of your group happy. You’ll increase employee retention and job satisfaction as well! 

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