How To Write Great Headlines In Less Than A Minute

How To Write Great Headlines In Less Than A Minute
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Headlines make a huge difference in viewers’ perception about an article, blog or even a small piece of an email advert. A headline is your entry ticket into your reader’s mind, which is usually a very busy space. In fact, just by tweaking a headline, you can increase the content’s conversion rate by 40%, says the famous digital marketing expert, Ayaz Ahmad from WebSol.Ltd®.

No matter what you write, a powerful and eye-catchy headline and suitably powerful subheadings are what your content needs the most.

In this article, we will share 9 applicable tips to write great headlines in less than a minute. So, make sure you follow these to change your game plan because it is not an option but a must.

1. Sell the Solution

If you can identify the problem your readers are facing and represent the solution via your content headline, you will increase your conversion rate. The easiest way to figure out the problem is by finding the words or keywords that your customers punch in. A quick survey would reveal the results.

For instance, consider the headline of this blog. You are reading this probably because it will help you write a headline in just a minute.

2. Know Your Audience

Your headline should reflect your audience’s personality. For instance, if your content is targeting teens, then words like wacky, witty, sex, videotape, and outrageous in your headline can interest them. In contrast, words like genius, key, solution, breaking, etc. will interest professionals and industry experts.

3. Add the Word ‘Free’

People don’t like commitments. And, who doesn’t like free stuff? If your content offers something of this sort, such as a free trial, free download, without cost baggage, money-back guarantee, or reduced price, you must definitely add these words in your headline to pique readers’ interest.

4. Create Viral Headline using Knowledge Vacuum

Your headline should leave your audience wanting for more. For example, the headline ‘This Facebook Video Changed the Life of a Drug Addict Forever’ will intrigue you more than the headline ‘Video that Can Change your Mind Forever’. Therefore, create space for more information.

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5. Tell Your Audience Straightforward

Depending upon what you are marketing, a straightforward approach could be the best tactic for writing a great headline. When your solution is bang on powerful, a creative headline is always not necessary. For example, ‘Hire Carpet Cleaners in Half Price’ will work better than ‘Get Your Carpet Cleaned in a Jiffy’.

6. Use Numbers in Your Headline

You may not even realize it, but numbers soothe brain automatically. Numbers give us a sense of comfort, advice, and familiarity, such as how long the article is going to be, how deep the information is, and if the information justifies the headline. Example: 9 Tips for Writing Great Headlines

7. Use Rationales

Rationales are unique words that make a headline worth giving a second glance. They are like the hook word or a good reason why something should be done. Rationale words give readers a reason to click, read, and share a post. Some of the rationale words we can think of are Tips, Strategies, Secrets, Principles, Tricks, Lessons, Ideas, etc.

8. Optimize your Headline for Social and Search

You must use keywords that will optimize your headline and make it easier for audiences to locate. You cannot always use colloquial words; your headline should not only stand out but also garner maximum traffic in both social and search results. Make your headline keyword centric. Use a keyword generation tool to identify trending keywords in your niche. Once you have identified your keyword, try to place it at the beginning of the headline. Also, make sure your headline is below 70 characters or else it will be cut off in the SERP.

9. Curate Someone Else’ Headline

Cheating a little bit is good for your content, just as cheat meals are good for health. If you aren’t able to think of anything, look for inspiration somewhere else, perhaps some other website or publications and then tweak the headline to suit your post. However, do not plagiarize. Writing headlines is not rocket science but it sure needs good grammar, love for new vocabulary, and the above tips. Hope this article helped you form a perfect headline in less than one minute.

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