How Travel Industry Is Unearthing The Big Data From Global Airlines

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The main reason behind the escalation of travel industry is, it has empowered itself by getting access to the real-time data on multifarious services provided by the airlines and later disperse these catered data to those who are in search for the same. This further strengthens the travel agency to be more reliable source for booking a travel itinerary. Earlier, it wasn’t easy for offline travel agency to get live status of the flight availability and seat allocation to the passengers and required a lot of personal phone calls to get information. But now, as the time is advancing and so the technology, many innovations have come forward to yield real-time data on availability of flights of required time, date and destination, seat layout and many other such activities.

The effects of technology in human lives are immense and no one can deny that technology has made earth a global village. Every industry has already utilized technology to drive more sales into their respective business and travel industry is no exception. Traveling is something which won’t ever fade away and thus the needs of a travel agent. The only thing that is variable is the needs and demands of travelers. To cater multifarious requirements of travelers, it is important to have a sound and highly advanced travel technology solution that has the capacity to fulfill each demand through a web-based channel.

How Travel Industry Is Unearthing The Big Data From Global Airlines

You are already a travel savvy and you definitely don’t want me to explain the importance of how modern day travelers are getting their travel itinerary booked. Obviously, through a technologically driven web-based channel that proffers ultimate guidance on creating a customizable yet dynamic travel package. Such channels give access to the largest inventory of airlines, so that the travelers can easily search and book their flight. Just not only booking a flight, these websites are providing options to book multi-city flights, round-way flights and many more.

Let’s check out how it works:

Customizable user experience

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The data aggregated from the airlines can be used to personalize various flight related services. The travel agencies are getting access to the inventory of airlines through Global Distribution System that has been introduced initially to disperse airline data to the global market. Later, it has been used to get information on hotel service too. When a travel agent integrates his website with GDS API, it gets them extensive range of information on live status of flights, availability, prices, seat layout and many more.

Pricing strategies

How Travel Industry Is Unearthing The Big Data From Global Airlines

Price is the first thing that a traveler looks for. If they find it affordable, they will purchase it. Through digging out the insights of airline information, travelers can easily index, track and analyze the competitor’s price to gain a clear picture as to what’s trending. This all has been possible through flight API that emits the data to the travel agencies and later travelers get access to it.

Seat layout

When a flight passenger gets complete picture of seats available at the moment, he or she can easily select the seat of their choice.

Unearthing the data from major global airline industry has been a crucial task till a few years ago and now it with flight booking API integration, the real-time data of several flights of several airlines have become accessible and transparent.

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