I Just Saw a Mouse in My Apartment! What Should I Do?

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Nearly 15 million Americans reported seeing rodents in their homes during the last 12 months. Not only do they carry diseases, but they can also wreak havoc in your home.

For example, they can chew through walls and insulation. They also have a tendency of gnawing on wires, which can lead to fires.

Are you dealing with a mouse problem? Have you been telling people, ‘I just saw a mouse in my apartment’?

If so, you’re at the right place. We’ll be going over how to deal with a mice infestation below. Keep reading to learn more about the topic!

1. Mouse-Proof Your House 

Mice are skilled contortionists; they can fit through tiny holes the size of a dime. Given that, it’s important that you seal all entry points.

Check the stairs, porches, and corners—any place that might have small crevices, and close them off with wire mesh (they can chew through any other material). For example, you can plug up the holes with steel wool.

If you want, you can also spray the steel wool with expanding foam. That’ll create an additional barrier, which will help keep them out of your house.

2. Set Mouse Traps 

You can use traps to eliminate the pests quickly. For example, you can use snap traps. They use a powerful, touch-sensitive spring that when triggered, will release a metal bar that’ll kill the rodent.

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If anything, you just have to set them properly. As far as the bait goes, you can use peanut butter, cheese, or wet cat food. Just add a little bit to the bait pan.

For the best results, place the trap perpendicular to a wall, where there’s a lot of mouse activity (you can tell by the number of mouse droppings in the area).

3. Use Peppermint Oil 

Peppermint oil has a sharp odor, which rodents find repelling; this makes it an effective mouse deterrent. For the best results, choose a highly-concentrated product (e.g. 100% pure peppermint oil).

It’s super easy to use too. Just dab it onto some cotton balls and place them around the house. Remember to replace them a few times a week as the smell will eventually wear off.

You can also combine it with water (one cup per every two teaspoons of peppermint oil) and use it as a spray. For example, you can spray it onto countertops, furniture, curtains, and other hard-to-reach areas.

If that doesn’t stop the infestation, you may have to hire a professional pest control company (e.g. this service).

‘I Just Saw a Mouse In My Apartment’ – What to Do Explained

As you can see, there are several ways to get rid of mice in an apartment, from using steel wool to peppermint oil. That way, you won’t have to tell people, ‘I just saw a mouse in my apartment’ anymore!

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