Intel SSDMCEAC180B301- What All To Know?

Intel SSDMCEAC180B301- What All To Know?
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If you are here then you already know about the benefits of Solid State Drives (SSDs), however looking for the best one to buy. So instead of giving a complete comparison between two or three drives, we thought of sharing everything LivingSwag knows about this particular one. Having half knowledge about all is never better than knowing full data about one.

Technical specifications of SSD drives

•    Form Factor: mSATA

•    Memory capacity: 180 GB

•    Interface: Mini-SATA (mSATA)

•    Memory components: MLC

•    Sustained throughput: 550

•    Sector size: 512/512e

•    Write Latency: 85 Microseconds (µs)

•    Read Latency: 80 Micro Second (µs) 

•    Max sequential write: Up to 520MBps

•    Max sequential Read: Up to 550 MBps

•    4KB random write: Up to 80,000 IOPS 

•    4KB random read: up to 50,000 IOPS

•    MTBF (Mean time between failures): 1,200,000 hours

•    Power consumption: 250mW (idle)

•    Power consumption: 300mW (when active and working)

•    Max shock resistance: 1000G

•    Operating temperature range: 0°C to 70 °C

Features you can have in SSD drive

•    Low power consumption

•    Increased system responsiveness

•    Fastest speed

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•    Higher reliability

•    Higher input-output and throughput performance

•    End to end data protection

•    Advanced encryption standard 128-bit encryption

•    Data compression

•    Excellent performance when it comes to real-world traces

•    Small form factor with higher performance

•    Great mixed workload throughput

•    Class-leading performance

Overview of SSD

Intel’s SSD 525 series offers great performance with a random read of up to 50,000IOPS and random write of up to 80,000 OOPS. The device is equipped with a PCIe Mini connector that can sport applications from netbooks. The device also offers the advanced key features such as the advanced encryption standard of 128-bit encryption, data compression, and an end to end data protection.

What is the power consumption of SSD?

Power consumption is the main factor that people consider before buying an electronic device. Since a drive itself can consume a lot of memory in any computer or notepad, therefore, SSD plays an important role. Intel SSDMCEAC180B301 consumes lower power, therefore, it is an ideal option for all customers to buy it.

SSDs end to end encryption with 128-bit encryption

The data when enters into SSD until it leaves, the SSD keeps the data safe and secure. So, you don’t have to worry about the loss of the data, your device can keep it store in its original form. It also offers data protection and keeps your data store in cache memory so you can keep your data saved from any kind of power shutdown or crash. 

Increase system responsiveness with SSD drive

With 4KB random write of up to 80,000 IOPS and 4KB random read of up to 50,000IOPS, the system can respond immediately. The faster processing speed of the solid storage device makes the system more responsiveness so you can enjoy the actual speed of your computer.  

SSD drives are consistent and fast speed

The Intel SSDMCEAC180B301 delivers the fastest speed to a computer. With Write latency of 85 Microsecond (µs) and read latency of 80 Micro Second (µs), the SSD can provide consistent and fast speed. When it comes to read performance, it ranks at first. With faster speed, you can read and write data at a faster rate.

Enhance the memory capacity of SSD drive

You can enhance the memory capacity of your unit by 180GB so enjoy the high computing speed with the enhanced memory to store the data in your system at a faster rate.

Till date, the 525 Series of SSD is offering the highest performance. The device had been tested literally to the point that the end-user would not see any kind of difference even the device makes the system perform better. If you are the one who is looking for the extra space in your memory, Intel SSDMCEAC180B301 is an ideal option to have fast speed solid-state memory.

Like all the SSDs, performance is the biggest factor that anyone considers before buying an SSD. When it comes to reliability and compatibility, Intel is the one that is always completing its promises. Whether you are an integrator or OEMs and you want to buy Solid-state drives in bulk then this Solid-state drive is an ideal option to buy when it comes to compatibility and reliability.Thanks to the large engineering team who have made it possible to enhance the memory of a system when you want. So now you don’t need to buy a new system when you want the memory to store files, enhance the speed of the system by adding this SSD into it.Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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