Is Biotin A Hair Growth Solution For Balding Men?

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By the age of 35, two out of every three American males experience some sort of hair loss. By the time they are 50, almost 85% of men have hair that has significantly thinned. It is no wonder that in the USA alone, more than $4 billion is being spent annually in trying to arrest hair loss and/or encourage fresh hair growth. A good head of hair not only improves a person’s looks but it also indirectly impacts his self-esteem in a positive way. That is why we see an endless search for the best natural shampoo for hair growth.

The attraction of a natural shampoo

A typical customer today is much more well-read and widely traveled. They are now more aware of the harmful effects of harsh chemicals. That is why most customers today prefer to use shampoo, conditioner, soap, oil, etc. in which naturally produced ingredients are used. These products are free of Sulphates, and Parabens making them Color Safe as well.

What Is Biotin?

This is one of the wonderful naturally produced ingredients which has been seen to have wonderful effects on stopping hair loss. Chemically speaking, it is a vitamin which can dissolve in water. It not only helps in the production of glucose but also helps to break down proteins into amino acids. This helps to repair the damaged shingles of hair. It is normally produced in the human gut and its primary purpose is to help convert the food we eat into useful forms. Because it dissolves in water, it can’t be stored in any form inside the human body. If we talk of foods, there are a number of items which can provide biotin for the human body, like meats (liver, kidney, etc.), egg yolk, yeast, nuts and seeds, salmon fish, etc. But the focus of this blog is hair care, so let us understand the use of biotin shampoo for natural hair growth.

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Biotin and hair loss

A biotin supplement can go a long way in arresting premature loss of hair in men. Additionally, its application also speeds up the hair growth, so that the new hair can replace the lost hair on parts of the head. We do not have conclusive scientific evidence yet, but some preliminary research has indicated that the effectiveness of biotin on male and female hair might be different. Like other natural ingredients, one of the strongest points in favor of biotin is that is completely non-toxic, and therefore it has no harmful side effects.

How to Choose a Biotin Shampoo?

Having read so far, you must not be in any doubt whatsoever that biotin is one of the best natural ingredients for healthy hair growth. But the question is how to select the best biotin shampoo for hair growth. The first thing you might know that biotin is also available in the form of vitamin supplements that can be ingested, which would have a beneficial effect on the hair. But you could choose a good shampoo and conditioner as well, through which biotin could be directly applied to scalp and hair.

You must remember that biotin is needed by the body in small quantities. While purchasing biotin supplements or shampoos, do make sure that you take a look at ingredients make sure they are made with  Certified Pure Ingredients.. Second, biotin is never effective alone or as a standalone product. Amino Acids and other natural ingredients such as Quinoa and Jojoba and Keratin can provide the right nutrition to your hair enabling the Biotin Shampoo to improve Your Hair Loss. Third, avoid the two extremes of buying the cheapest product available and blindly believing that the costlier a product is, the better it would be. Speak to others and read the product reviews before purchasing your products.

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