Is Independent Adoption Right For Me?

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Many people think the adoption can only be done through an agency. It isn’t true. Sometimes, you only need to hire an adoption attorney in Atlanta to carry out the whole process. This method is known as an independent adoption. However, the question arises if it is suitable for you or not. Therefore, in this guide, we have listed down the various pros and cons of the process. We then, leave it up to you to make the right decision.

Pros of Independent Adoption

Here are the benefits of pursuing this method:

It has a lower cost

If you are working solely with an attorney while adopting a child in Georgia, you’ll have to pay for fewer services. It ultimately brings down the cost of the adoption process. However, you need to be careful if they charge by the hour or have a flat fee. In the prior case, it is hard to get an accurate estimate, as several factors are affecting the process. If that’s the case, it can end up being more costly.

It is a private process

The process of independent adoption gives more flexibility to the adoptive parents. They have complete control over the contact they want to keep with birth parents. Also, they have the option to choose the services they need to pay for, unlike with agency adoption.

Only a few people are involved

If you have already found the birth parents, then you only need to hire an attorney like Tom Tebeau to complete the process. As you don’t require any other services, the process will be further simplified. The attorney will help with finalizing the process if you’ve taken care of the rest.

The criteria are simple

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There are several requirements set by agencies if you are looking to get kids for adoption in Georgia. There are several factors that the agencies consider, including age, religion, and marital status, etc. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for everyone to fulfill those. In such cases, independent adoption is the only ray of hope for them.

Now, that we have listed all the pros of independent adoption, you should also be aware of the issues that you can face as well. So, let’s get straight into it.

Cons of Independent Adoption

Here are some of the common issues you need to be aware of.

Chances of fraud increases

The likelihood of scams increases with the adoption. You’ll find many cases, where professionals turned out to be a fraud. Also, some mothers ask for advance funds and later runs away with them. However, it can easily be avoided if you are careful while choosing an adoption professional.

More financial risks are involved

In comparison to choosing domestic or international adoption agencies in Georgia, this has more monetary risks involved. If for some reason, the birth mother decides to keep the child, then prospective parents will lose the expenses they have made in hiring an attorney and other costs of the birth mother.

Will Hiring Adoption Attorney In Atlanta Be Enough?

Other than the cons mentioned, there are no severe risks involved with independent adoption. Now, that you know all the positives and negatives of the process, the decision is up to you.

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