Is It Illegal to Set Fireworks Off After Bonfire Night?

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We all know that an ongoing pandemic has struck all the people from around the world. Government has announced strict instructions regarding this situation in which all the people have to stay in their houses so that they can be protected and can feel secured. If more people will go out it will increase the chance of more people being affected by this virus. Die to this virus every working industry in this world has been affected for example the schools, colleges, offices and even the restaurants have been temporarily closed so that no people can enter those premises and people would remain in their houses so that they can protect themselves and their families from this deadly virus.

Due to this deadly virus many people and their working lifestyles has been affected badly but the most important of all even the people living in their own houses have been affected as they are not able to leave their houses even for some of the basic daily routine chores. Most of the people used to go out and enjoy with their family members and friends but now thus all has been put to an end because of this deadly virus. People used to celebrate different events of their lives or even some of the basic celebration or rather some historic events with their loved ones but they are not able to do so as the government has prescribed all the people to avoid public gathering and to put themselves in isolation so they can be protected.

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Rules and Regulations Related Bonfire Night:

In this article we will mainly discuss about an historic event that is most commonly known as the Bonfire night. This even is mostly celebrated among the people from all across the United Kingdom and it is celebrated on the 5th of November in which people light up fireworks in the remembrance of this event. This event is mainly celebrated to remember the failed attempts of burning down the parliament house due to some very major religious conflicts.

The people from United Kingdom or from any other country, they are advised to blow off the sparklers or even the fireworks at some specific time and after that prescribed time it is not legal or lawful for any person to blow off fireworks in any public area.

  1. There are some specific events in which the government has allowed people to cross the limit for blowing off the fireworks. Normally any person cannot blow off fireworks from the best selection boxes during the times of 11 p.m. to
  2. When it comes to bonfire night government has extended the time limit to 12 a.m. but not more than that. It is the prescribed limit from the government.
  3. Government has also allowed for all its people to blow off fireworks and enjoy themselves up to 1 a.m. when it is the cause of New Year’s Eve, Diwali or Chinese New Year.

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