In Addition To Xu Bing Exploring Space Art, Jeff Koons’ NFT Sculpture Is Approved To Land On The Moon

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1.NFT project

Jeff Koons has announced that he will launch an NFT project in a way that truly embodies the spirit of crypto – his work is about to go to the moon. While many artworks have been sent to space before, this is the first time an artwork has been approved to land on the lunar surface, in order to keep the sculpture there permanently. The project is called “Moon Phases”

jeff koons

2. Jeff Koons

Koons has made many balloon sculpture, also has a series of NFT sculptures that will land on the moon. And, these virtual characters dominate the NFT scene. Without Koons, NFT mass-produced avatars may never be legalized.

stare ball
stare ball

Of course, this space art competition was an expected outcome, and Koons wasn’t the only one taking part. Rival Astrobotic is also planning to send an artwork by Sacha Jafri to the moon, according to Vogue.

Artist Sacha Jafri
Artist Sacha Jafri

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3.Xu Bing: Art Carmen Line

From November 5, 2021, Chinese audiences have just encountered the exhibition “Xu Bing: Art Carmen Line” at the Red Brick Art Museum. And on February 1, 2021, the first rocket “Xu Bingtianshu” in the name of art was launched in Jiuquan, China. The vast starry sky, the profit and loss of the sun and the moon…

4.Why should art intervene in space?

Jonas Stampe: “Historically, Xu Bing was the first artist to envision the rocket itself and its entire workings as a multi-faceted contemporary artwork.

Perhaps every time they go to space, artists are thinking about the limitations of being a natural person and the limitations of art, perhaps they themselves have not obtained a clear thinking result, and art is precisely the reality and nothingness, the present and the future, and the present. The entanglement and chaos with the distance gradually became clear.

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