Key Tactics The Pros Use For Golf Terrace At Damac Hills

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Golf is one of those sports that still has a clothes code. Still, it is pretty strict. Denim clothing is strictly prevented. Gentlemen must consume trousers under their belts and a polo shirt tucked into them. You can dress in traditional shorts under the knee for security from the sun – a cap or visor. Skirts may be consumed for ladies.

We should also say about golf shoes. It differs from the usual sportswear with notable spikes on the sole. Golf Terrace At Damac Hills provides stability even when hitting on a hillside or wet grass.



The professional 18-hole Superior golf course is considered to be the best in Golf Terrace At Damac Hills. Unusual landscapes, a high level of difficulty, perfect surface quality, and a unique atmosphere – there is everything that a professional golfer and a beginner can dream of.

From the tee first hole to the 18th green, the Superior Course is a fascinating journey.

The highlight of the golf course is hole # 2. The hole is an island surrounded by water, with a small green and a bunker on the right side. Professionals highly appreciate the particular difficulty of passing the spot, and beginners admire the incredible beauty of the landscape.

The Golf Terrace At Damac Hills course was opened in 2009 with nine holes (Par 35). In 2012, another nine holes were constructed, which were designed by the Australian course superintendent.

The result is a golf course made in the classic Scottish tradition, but its charisma and features make the game unpredictable and exciting.

The local changeable wind adds intrigue, which pleases experienced golfers and teaches beginners to overcome difficulties.


A hundred years ago, the dress code was much stricter. Then, men played in strict suits – trousers, jackets, vests.

I’m sure you’ve heard this opinion. Golf is an easy game. He took a club, hit the ball in the hole, and drove on on a typewriter. There is no need to strain and study. Everything is clear. Nature, the birds are singing, the sun is shining. The beauty.

Suppose you look at golf as entertainment. And if, as a sport, then everything becomes a little more complicated. For example, golf is part of the program of the Olympic Games, and hundreds of professional tournaments are held annually. There are four main ones – “Major,” also called Grand Slam tournaments: Masters, US Open, UK Open, and PGA Championship.

All professional athletes’ schedules will be similar. For example, the Golf Terrace At Damac Hills, working on the technique, playing on the field, proper nutrition. Such a regime looks complicated from the outside, even a little crazy, doesn’t it? But do not forget, any training program is individual. It considers sports goals, the current physical condition, and the athlete’s health and is necessarily combined with recovery and rest periods.

For young golfers, it is essential to consider the age periods of development in addition to all this. For example, coordination is necessary for babies, while older children can be loaded with strength exercises.

This is what we will do in training in the new season.


Today we will figure out what a handicap is and why a golfer needs it.

Let’s start with the definition:

Handicap is a numeric measure of the skill level and current playing ability of a golfer. The maximum value is 54; as the golfer progresses, the handicap is lowered.

That’s not all. The exact handicap is considered the same for women, men, and juniors. But Golf Terrace At Damac Hillsgolf courses are different, so the actual value is converted into a playing handicap and shows the number of handicap strokes. The playing handicap will be added to each field. For example, fewer handicap strokes are given on light playing fields and vice versa. Also, if you play from long tees, the playing handicap will be higher than from short tees.

A simple example of how a handicap is applied: field par 72 for a beginner with 54 handicaps becomes 126. A more experienced player with five handicaps must play 77 strokes to meet his norm. The Golf Terrace At Damac Hills is changed based on the round completed by the number of Stableford points in each hole. We’ll talk about how to count Stableford glasses later.

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The international handicap authority is the European Golf Association (EGA). The All-Ukrainian Golf Federation is its representative and the only authorized body for accrediting players, issuing and controlling the EGA handicap.


Superior Golf & Spa Resort Restaurants are rightfully considered one of the best in Golf Terrace At Damac Hills.

The golf resort has two restaurants: the Lobby Lounge and Albatross, the seasonal Glen Andrew’s pub for golfers, and a dedicated wellness cafe into specific Superior Spa.

Within this Excellent Golf Resort, establishments sit taste outstanding cuisine dishes in a distinct author’s performance with chefs and pastry chefs. Moreover, here you will find a collection of French wines unique to the city.

Albatross restaurant is located in the Club House. Spacious halls, European style of interiors, light colors of furniture, panoramic windows overlooking a picturesque lake – all this gives guests a feeling of freedom and lightness.

During warmer months, the Albatross restaurant has a summer terrace. A luscious green Golf Terrace At Damac Hillsgolf course with ornate landscapes and fresh air turns even a business lunch into a great outdoor recreation. A romantic dinner here will be unforgettable.

In winter, a real fireplace is lit in the main hall of the restaurant every evening.

The Albatross restaurant has an unusual menu: you will taste European and Ukrainian dishes in the author’s performance of our chefs. Ukrainian borscht or beetroot risotto, duck with figs in caramel or trout with chardonnay sauce – not a single dish is prepared “like everyone else’s.” And the presentation can be safely called culinary design.

The Lobby Lounge restaurant is located in the lobby of the Superior Hotel and is open for guests of Golf Terrace At Damac Hills around the clock.

Smooth lines of Italian furniture, light decor, panoramic windows, a unique 18-meter fireplace – the cozy Lobby lounge will be an excellent place for a romantic breakfast, business lunch, or a festive dinner.

The menu includes a large selection of European cuisine: classic salads and snacks, homemade pasta, meat and fish delicacies, desserts. In addition, we offer special children’s and wellness menus.

The restaurants’ desserts are the special pride of Superior. Our talented bring the recipe an incredibly delicious fondant and panna cotta, carrot, pumpkin and almond pies, thyme crème Brulee, signature cakes, and unique indigenous ice cream with the recipe pastry chef.

And one more secret: we make jam, marmalade, confiture from fruits and berries, which we carefully grow in our garden on the territory of the golf resort.

Glen Andrew’s s pub is located in the heart of the Golf Terrace At Damac Hillsgolf course and works during tournament time. A variety of “quick” snacks, sandwiches, snacks – everything is there for golfers to refresh themselves during the competition.

The pub is not only for the players: it can host a party or an outdoor picnic upon reservation.


The Superior Golf Club training base consists of five outdoor courses and two golf simulators in the Clubhouse.

The indoor driving range is located 50 meters from the Club House. Here you can practice strikes of various fields and the trajectory of the ball. To do this, there are six natural greens at a distance of 50 to 180 meters from the training mats. The driving range has lights on at night.

The Real Estate Dubai site is equipped with a comfortable seating area. During your workout, you can order refreshing drinks and snacks here.

The golf clubs can be cleaned directly on the driving range using special brush cleaners.

On certain days, the driving range opens as a short academic pitch & putt course. From the starting pads, you can play six holes alternately. The goal is to keep within three strokes.

There is also one chipping green on-site with three bunkers for short and bunker shots and three-putting green zones for practicing green shots.

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