Top 7 kitchen finishes using Forevermark cabinets

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Your kitchen cabinets are the essence of your cooking space. If you have done the cabinets, move on to the next step. Now the next step is to decide on the finish. Well, the best thing you did was to install Forevermark cabinets. Now it’s time to enhance its beauty. Therefore, choose the type of finish that suits your cabinet style.

Moreover, your cabinet finish can transform the look of your kitchen. But, consider the most durable finish for the cabinets. Also, select the one that can bear the wear. Similarly, a perfect finish can cost you much than you think. So, consider your budget before making the final call.

There are different types of finishing. Choose the one that complements your cabinet style and material. 

The list of various types of finishes is below:

  1. Waterborne UV finish
  2. Natural finish
  3. Stained finish
  4. Glazed finish
  5. Painted finish
  6. Varnish finish
  7. Distressed finish

1- Waterborne finish:

Forevermark cabinets offer eco-friendly cabinets. So, they provide UV finishes in their cabinetry. Also, they have a good impact on the environment. That is why most people prefer this finish. Well, it is not only healthy but also has a great aesthetic appeal. You will find this finish in nova grey kitchen cabinets. You cannot tell if it is waterborne or a paint finish. Also, it dries quickly under UV light.  

2- Natural finish:

In a natural finish, it is not vital to change the color of the wood. Also, it does not require any dye or paint. In this way, a natural finish is a colorless layer of protection. Also, it may not be visible to the naked eye. Mineral oil is a better way to give your cabinets a natural look. Moreover, it depends on the wood quality and nature to get this finish look. You will find it unique with the actual wooden texture.

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3- Stained finish:

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A stained finish is also a great option for a final touch. You can stain a cabinet with any color and keep up with the grace. Also, they apply any natural substance color to the wood. In general, you stain the wood by using oak, walnut, or pecan texture. This finish is common in shaker-style cabinets. This finish requires many coats of stain. But, it may not have many color options.

4- Glazed finish:

A layer of glazed cabinet finish can alter the color of your wooden cabinets. You can apply it on top of the paint or stain finish. In this way, it will become another layer of coating. Well, it can protect the quality of your Forevermark cabinets. Also, it enhances the details of your kitchen cabinets. It is semi-transparent and durable. But, it can be costly than other finishes. If you have cherry red cabinets, go for a layer of gazed top coat.

5- Painted finish:

This type of finish has some benefits. First of all, you can paint your cabinets any color you like. Also, it protects the cabinets from any outer damage. However, the layer of paint can hide the natural wooden texture. But, you have various color options for kitchen cabinets. You can check out the trending colors of 2021 and pick the one that suits you perfectly. Also, you can match the kitchen cabinet with other cabinets in your home using paint finish.

6- Varnished finish:

Many people use varnish as a topcoat for their quality kitchen cabinets. It provides your cabinetry with durability and heat resistance. Well, all types of cabinets require a layer of varnish. But, you decide to choose it as the finish. Also, it has mineral oils and resins in it. As a result, it gives a natural shine to the top surface of the cabinets. Also, it does not get old before time.   

7- Distressed finish:

If you want to give a traditional or rustic touch to the cabinets, go for a distressed finish. It is a method that provides an old look to the new kitchen cabinets. Also, it mixes different paints, stains, and glazes to get the final look. These types of cabinet finishes give a furniture look to the cabinets. Moreover, they use two coats to get the best rustic look. That is why it is timeless beauty for a kitchen. 


The right type of finish can be a game-changer for your kitchen cabinets. You can elevate the look of Forevermark cabinets by using a suitable finish. You can choose a waterborne or stained finish. Similarly, you can go for a natural one to get a subtle look. It is the last thing you do for a kitchen remodel. So, try to make it the best one. Also, pick the durable top coating for your cabinets.

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