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ACL or the anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four primary ligaments that give stability to the knee joint. ACL if completely torn will not be able to heal normally. Some people prefer to leave the knee without a functioning ACL and some choose ACL surgery to replace the torn ligament.

A knee with a torn ACL may have symptoms of knee instability if left untreated. This is usually a sensation of crumpling or the knee giving-out. This may not be bothersome to some people but some may feel like this is hindering their activities. There are various factors which determine whether you should have ACL reconstruction surgery.

Do you need ACL Surgery –

It is very difficult to make a decision of taking ACL reconstructive surgery. The only factor to be considered is not surgery alone, as the rehabilitation after surgery lasts a number of months and full activity may be restricted for almost a year. Thus many people who have sustained a torn ACL wonder if surgery is the best option for their situation.

Some of the factors which need to be considered are –

Pros –

  • Allows return to sports that need functioning of ACL.
  • May protect future damage to the knee cartilage.
  • Offers the potential for a normal functioning knee.

Cons –

  • In some cases the surgery may not be completely effective and people might not recover fully.
  • Various complications and risks are involved in the surgery.

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Recommended –

Those individuals should consider ACL reconstruction surgery who desire return to sports or activities that require pivoting of the knee or those who experience recurrent instability of the knee.

ACL surgery is a good option for –

  • People who expect to return to high-level athletic activities in sports like soccer or basketball.
  • People who experience recurrent episodes of knee instability due to ACL insufficiency.
  • People who do not want to try nonsurgical treatment.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery –

The acl reconstruction india surgery is performed to create new ligament to take the place of the torn ACL. There are various things to be taken into consideration for those who are interested in ACL surgery including the specific surgical technique, the timing of surgery and the type of graft to use.

The surgical treatment is an outpatient procedure. Crutches are given to the patients to use for a few weeks after the surgery. Sometimes it may take several months rehab after an ACL tear and most of the doctors limit patients recovering from ACL reconstruction for 7-9 months after the time of surgery.

Non-Surgical Treatment –

There are two areas in which non-surgical treatment of a torn ACL is focused. First one is the development of an improved neuromuscular control of the lower extremity. Most important is that you are training and teaching the muscles and tendons to support the knee joint as far as possible. Neuromuscular control of the extremity helps people who have nonfunctioning ACL and is thought to be the most critical factor in preventing ACL injury.

The acl operation cost in india ranges between Rs 75000 to Rs 1.5 lakhs and this depends on the type of procedure, surgeon, and quality of graft, method of fixing the graft, etc. Besides additional cost may be incurred for post-surgery physiotherapy which is essential for a good recovery.

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