Know the Difference between Fellowship and Internship

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Imagine, you are in the final year of your graduation studies and looking forward for getting additional skills to help you in landing your desired job. By consulting with your professors or friends, you get to know that there are certain firms that offer internship while some institutes offer fellowships. These leave you a little bit confused.

What Is The Difference Between Fellowship And Internship?

Both the internship and fellowship hold big value for your future careers whether at early or mid career levels. Though they have been used interchangeably but they differ in some key areas like application process or experience etc.

If you are also confused between these two and looking for the possible solution, here is the guide. Here we are telling you the key differences between these two to clear your doubts and enable to make a decision.

What is Internship?

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According to Nursing Assignment Help online, internship is an opportunity for all the graduate students to get work experience on the field in the related industry you are graduated in before joining any company. This is the main reason most of the students go for it as it allows them to take a deep insight into their chosen industry and provide them a chance to decide whether they should continue or not.

Many employers out there are offering their internship programs to potential candidates to work for short amount of time. It can be about few weeks to 3 months. If you want to gain experience in your chosen industry before joining company, this is for you.

What is Fellowship?

As per Law Assignment Help, on the other hand, fellowship is more than providing the work experience. It is about professional development of the students where they are required to complete a proposed project so that they could succeed in their chosen field. It is a program that has been especially designed to develop the professional capabilities of the students.

Now you know the difference between internship and fellowship. Now you can make your decision with clear mind and could be more thoughtful about your future career requirements. Whatever you choose, they both will benefit in every manner.

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