10 Latest Men’s Fashion Trends to Follow in 2019

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Men’s fashion trends aren’t always as fluid as women’s. Most men still follow in the footsteps of James Dean and Steve MacQueen. They want those rugged, all-situation clothes that make a decidedly traditional masculine statement. However, it may come as a surprise to you that men too are allowed to dress up in trendy outfits. The trend shouldn’t mean anathema when it comes to men’s fashion in 2019. After all, even HughesNet Plans reinvent themselves every year. Why shouldn’t you, a 21st Century male, do the same?

10 Men’s Fashion Trends to Try in 2019

Most men still struggle with the new fashion trends sweeping the world. The classic look, however, is on its way out. Instead, more and more men embrace modern styles and stretch their comfort zones with adventurous fashion trends. There are some excellent options when it comes to menswear and accessories that can add style and panache to your everyday look. Here are 10 such trends to watch out for in 2019:

  1. Hiking Boots off the Trail
  2. Military-Inspired Olive
  3. Blitz with Burgundy
  4. Fun Socks are Dapper Socks
  5. Casually Active with Athleisure
  6. Proud Plaid
  7. Smartwatches for Smart Men
  8. Pinstripes Reborn
  9. Ethical Faux Fur
  10. Roomier Suits

Read on for more information on rocking these trendy styles in 2019.

Hiking Boots off the Trail

Hiking boots have traditionally been associated with necessary gear for camping. This year, however, camping boots have walked off the trail into the streets. You can see them on many trendy men these days, with loud colors, thick soles, and durable materials. Hiking boots go along with more or less any form of male outfits. You can pair them with everything from jeans for a casual look to a full-fledged three-piece business suit. It is best to start cautiously, however. For your first pair, go for a pair of boots that borrow inspiration from traditional dress shoes. Pay special attention to the shape as well as the quality of leather used in the boots.  

Military-Inspired Olive

The military has always been a favorite source of inspiration for fashion setters all over the globe. This hasn’t changed in 2019, with military-style olive greens going strong this year. The good thing is, olive will go well with just about any article of clothing you have in your wardrobe. An olive uniform-style outfit adds a tough, no-nonsense look to your attire. Olive also works well with all skin tones and is usually a safe bet for street fashion.

Blitz with Burgundy

If you’ve been using dark colors like gray, navy, or black, burgundy clothing may be just the change you need. Take a look at every runway show over the past two years. You will notice that burgundy doesn’t seem to phase out. That’s because it looks amazing on literally every guy. It is refined, but also adventurous. Bold, but also dignified. Most of all, you’d be in a pickle to find clothing in your wardrobe that clashes with a burgundy jacket.

Fun Socks are Dapper Socks

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If you want a properly debonair look, you need to pay close attention to your choice of socks. These days, fun socks are the newest dapper item for men. Go as adventurous as you can with polka dots, clashing hues, and contrasting stripes. There is really no limit. The more unique your socks appear, the more they add to your overall look.

Casually Active with Athleisure

Athleisure is just more evidence of the fact that formality is dying a slow death. Athleisure is casually dressing casual, for the most part. However, in 2019, athleisure outfits dial the casualness down a notch. Instead of a complete athleisure outfit, go for your regular street clothes with a pair of cool sneakers. Or street clothes with pants substituted for presentable sweatpants. Whatever you do in 2019, don’t go overboard with athleisure.

Proud Plaid

Plaids in 2019 are way different from the plaids of a few decades ago. Instead of subtly blending in, plaids in 2019 aim to make you stand out. From shoes to blazers, plaid is everywhere in all its loud glory. For the best look, pair a plaid topcoat with light solid colors for a look that commands attention.

Smartwatches for Smart Men

Smartwatches are a must-have accessory for the 21st Century man. The problem is, most smartwatches look like a geeky wristband. But don’t lose hope. You can always pair a snappy hybrid smartwatch with your sharp outfit. These hybrids do everything a regular smartwatch does but maintain the appearance of a real watch. Accessorize with a hybrid smartwatch without compromising on style.

Pinstripes Reborn

Pinstripes are coming back in a huge way in 2019. People thought that the 1980s had seen the definitive death of pinstriped suits. Luckily, it seems this is not the case. The distinctive pinstripe pattern has not only survived the years but is also making a much more elegant comeback than before. The look to go for this year is a subtle chalk stripe suit. The stripes should look a bit faded for the best muted impact.

Ethical Faux Fur

It’s safe to say real fur as a fashion accessory is not as popular as it used to be. Real fur is tacky, inconsiderate, unsustainable, and unethical. That’s not to mention the fact that real fur is really costly. In 2019, the focus is shifting towards faux fur. These faux fur outfits look and feel almost exactly the same as real fur. Go for a parka, bomber jacket or even a biker’s vest jacket with faux fur during the winter months in 2019.

Roomier Suits

We have all seen the era of razor-sharp, James Bond style suits at almost every formal even over the past five years. It seemed everyone wanted a slim, trim, and fitted suit. In 2019 however, the ethos of tailoring are changing. Suits now feature wider legs and softer shoulders, with more room inside. The idea is to look less like an Executive Vice President for Hughesnet Customer Support. Instead, suits in 2019 focus more on comfort and space. If you’re looking for suits this season, avoid picking a slim fit and go for a roomier woolen one instead.

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