Living on the Romantic Edge: How to Plan a Helicopter Date

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In the past year, “dating from home” using video chat dating increased exponentially. But now that people can get out more, outdoor adventures are more popular than ever. Potential couples are exploring the great outdoors and having unique dates. 

If you are interested in thinking outside the box for your next first date, now is the perfect time to try new things. Activities that increase your heart rate can lead to stronger bonds, so you might want to start with something adrenaline-fueled. Discover how to do that by planning a helicopter date. 

Helicopter 101

If you’ve chosen a helicopter ride for your date night, here’s the lowdown on how helicopters work. The spinning blades of a helicopter create enough force to lift it into the air. And unlike airplanes, the beauty of a helicopter is that they can fly up and down, forwards and backward which makes them able to land almost anywhere and offer a unique vantage point. 

What Is a Helicopter Date?

In short, a helicopter date is just like it sounds–you book a helicopter for an excursion to share with your partner. Whether it is a destination flight that goes to a special spot or a flight that is a tour of a cityscape or natural wonder, it is sure to impress. No matter where you go a helicopter flight is an exhilarating experience high up in the clouds. 

What Do You Bring On a Helicopter Tour?

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Once you’ve booked your romantic date on a helicopter, be sure to come prepared. Bring a photo ID (and proof of payment, if necessary) but don’t bring large backpacks or equipment that is bulky or weighs a lot, since the space inside the helicopter is limited. You also might want to bring a camera or a smartphone that has a camera to take pictures, because the views will be stunning! 

What Do You Wear On a Helicopter? 

If you were wondering what to wear, the answer depends on the season. If it is summer, the helicopter will heat up quite a bit so wear lightweight clothing, and in the spring you should add some layers in case it is chilly. For the fall and winter, you should dress with cold weather in mind since it can get frosty in high altitudes. 

How Do You Book a Helicopter?

Booking a helicopter date is easier than you think! Check your area (or in your destination of choice) for companies like the ones on Most outfits offer helicopter tours and packages along with ways to customize your trip. 

Make It a Memorable Date

Now that you’ve learned about how to plan a helicopter date, you can wow your potential partner with an outing that won’t be forgotten. Be sure to dress in clothing that is appropriate for the season. And don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the memories you make on the date. 

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