Luxury Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide

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Nowadays, vinyl flooring in the floor store Dublin has endless designs. No doubt you can get any style that lies in between wood to stone. With vinyl flooring, you can get the desired look so easily. This is an easy-to-go floor. Moreover, this is a DIY project. 

No question at all people with busy households need a floor that requires too little maintenance, so vinyl is the answer. However, to buy these floors, you need some prior information. Probably, you need to know why it is the best option? Where can you install it? What kind of options you may have and all in between. So, this is a brief guide that can help you a lot in buying vinyl floors.

Before visiting a flooring store in Dublin or anywhere else, try to get handy ideas from this. But first of all, you need to know why you choose vinyl flooring in Columbus? So let’s dive deeper 

Why choose vinyl flooring? ( flooring in the floor store Dublin)

Many names know vinyl. Cushion or lino are the two common names. It is highly versatile. These floors provide warmth and work well in all the places. Of course, it has unique functionality. In areas that are too cold, vinyl is an idea to work. Vinyl provides extra heat and a gentle walk. Along with these, there are certainly other reasons to love it. Such as 

1- Extraordinary resistance 

These floors have extraordinary resistance. It has superb layers that make it easy to clean. Else, cleaning is not an easy task.

2- Best for busy households 

Indeed, this is one of the best floors in busy households. In such homes, dirt and dust are common enemies.

3- Long life span 

This flooring has a long life span. However, you can ask some person in the floor store Dublin which vinyl type is best for you place. 

At Columbus flooring city, you can get all types of flooring. Moreover, vinyl is a user-friendly flooring. It suits every budget, room, and place. However, make sure that you are at the right place. No doubt these days, there are a lot of flooring scams. Most people will ditch you. So, to buy the best floor, get some prior knowledge. 

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How to choose vinyl flooring by room 

It’s quite possible while walking on the vinyl floor; you cannot distinguish between the looks. Vinyl so closely resembles wood and stone. A human eye cannot tell the difference between the two. Undoubtedly its is so realistic. To get the most of your floor at a fraction of cost, this is one of the best choices. Remember, vinyl flooring is different for different rooms. So let’s plunge into the vinyl collection you can get at the floor store in Dublin.

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1- Bathroom 

As you know, bathrooms are a moist place. So, for the bathroom, buy a floor that is not slippery and waterproof. Go for some stylish and easy-to-clean syles. No doubt vinyl changes the look of bathrooms.

2- Kitchens 

Just like bathrooms, the kitchen is also a water-prone area. This is one of the areas where vinyl works best. Kitchens are susceptible to spills and stains. So vinyl works ideally for a long time in the kitchen.s

3- Lounge

Unlike the vinyl flooring of your grandas house, today, this is entirely different. These floors are thick and have better cushioning. Moreover, they look great. Indeed you can get them in your favorite style. To get the latest designs today. Buy the one that suits your taste and personality. 

4- Bedroom 

Vinyl floors are fantastic. They are so versatile; you can even use them in your bedrooms. of course, it is a great choice for kids and pets—moreover, it’s best in terms of cleaning. So, stop worrying about spills. 

5- Hallway

Because the hallway and landing are high-traffic areas that require durable flooring, vinyl might be an excellent choice. Its easy-to-clean characteristics make it a perfect choice for these high-traffic areas of the house. Sheet vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is not suggested for stairwells.

6- Dining room

Either it is your hall, bedroom, or dining; vinyl floors are best. From formals meals to parties, vinyl depicts an excellent look. Keep in mind these floors are easy to clean. Moreover, at an affordable price now, you can easily get a luxurious look. 


Unlike past vinyl floors, vinyl today is so much different. You get any style in the floor store Dublin. With the help of art and technology, there are many vinyl prints. No doubt you can get a wide array of colors and designs. These floors provide realistic visuals.

Moreover with such a huge variety now you can be more creative with any space in your house. Last but not least,  this is not everything. With an ample variety, vinyl is still in the improvement phase. You can choose any style and design of your own choice.

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