Maintenance Suggestions For Empire Zoysia Sod In Atlanta

Empire Zoysia Sod in Atlanta
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There are people in this world who think that once they have bought something there is no need to keep that thing upgraded. Well, there are some items that come with zero maintenance, but still, they also need a little taking care of. Besides some specific items, all others require either a lot of or very little maintenance.

Empire Zoysia Sod in Atlanta is amongst those things which need some kind of maintenance. The majority of the people who have sod grass installed are of the view that zero nurture is needed once the grass is laid down. They are totally mistaken because it is like any other grass and it can have problems if you don’t take care of it properly.

Tools for Maintenance of Empire Zoysia Sod in Atlanta:

You will find that the Empire Zoysia sod is laid down in the majority of the lawns, gardens and in some of the sports grounds. It is a warm climate growing grass and can very well handle the humid weather. It can easily grow under shades, but it goes dormant during the winter. As it can recover quickly when it is damaged so it is good for various sports and jogging areas. In order to maintain the good health of this sod you will need the following different tools;

Different types of Lawn Racks:

It is the perception of the common folk that only one type of rack is used to clear out leaves and other debris. But you can sue racks of various sizes ranging from small to long so that you can remove thatch, leaves, and moss from the top of the sod. These are designed in such a way that it clears the debris and at the same time keeps the sod safe.

The Rollers:

They are used to make the ground, even before the sod will be laid. It can also be used after the sod is freshly installed to press it gently onto the ground. You must be careful not to do is aggressive as it can damage the sod.


An important tool is an aerator which slightly loosens the ground so that air can reach the ground through the small holes made by it because the compact soil is dangerous and can slow or completely stop the growth of the grass.

Weed Pullers:

Weeds can develop on the grass and can stop the growth so weed puller device is very helpful. The long handle enables you to easily pull out the weed for the grass without extra effort.

Watering System:

There are many watering system designs available in the market. You can buy any according to the need for quantity. There are many varieties that are equipped with a timer that you can set for the day of the week and time.

Mowers and Trimmers:

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If you possess a large area in which the sod is installed then you can have a lawn mower that you can drive around or a simple hand mower will be fine if the region is a small one.

 Maintenance Suggestions:

When you purchased the sod from a renowned company like Atlanta Sod Farms; the professionals who laid the sod must have given you some suggestions as to how to maintain the sod grass not only during the initial stage but also throughout the lifetime. You have to follow the exact same techniques to make the sod beautiful.

Newly Laid Sod:

Immediately after the team of professionals has properly laid down the sod; abundance of water must be given. Water is the key factor that will help the sod to grow and flourish properly in the next weeks to come. Don’t forget to have an irrigation system that delivers water to the sod daily and evenly.

Care during 2nd Week:

You can reduce the watering from daily to alternate days. Or you can irrigate the sod 3 days a week. But be careful to look out for the weather; wrong timing and quantity of the water can be damaging to the sod. Proper watering is vital during the summer season.

The Next 2 Weeks:

Now you can cut down the quantity of water by half in the 3rd and 4th week after the installation. But there are some kinds of sods that require plenty of hydration even in these weeks especially during the extremely hot weather.

Throughout the Whole Season:

This depends on the type of sod you have installed. There are several varieties that require weekly watering, others after every two weeks and others only occasionally or when the sod shows signs of dehydration.

Use Fertilizer Carefully:

There are different times when you have to use fertilizers; once when the team is preparing the soil for the sod and when it is necessary. Try not to use it when it is not needed as extra nutrients and nitrogen can cause many diseases.

Don’t Forget to Call in Maintenance Team:

Don’t forget to call in the maintenance team after the installation of Empire Zoysia Sod in Atlanta. Inspection of the sod by professionals can reveal many things which you can’t see and understand.

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